Hiking highlights for the summer

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07.07.2021 | Summer · Hiking

Hiking highlights for the summer

The hiking season is here! While its hot and humid in the lowlands, the thermometer in the mountains shows exactly the right temperature to go hiking. These three panorama routes in the destination are ones that we really enjoy.

The Varied Hike: Rinderberg – Horneggli

We cover the first part of the climb with the gondola, then we hike over the ridge towards Horneggli. Along the way, we come across lots of spots that are so inviting, it makes us want to take a break: on the terraces of the mountain restaurants, we can smell the delicious meals and at the BBQ spots the fire wood is ready for us. On the Hornberg, we stop the wakeboard facility – the highest one in Europe! – and have a go at it. Then we continue on the last part to Horneggli where the chairlift takes us back down into the valley. Those who want to go to Zweisimmen take the train in Schönried and in about 20 minutes will arrive at their starting point.
For all those travelling with kids, we recommend doing the trail in the opposite direction by starting at Horneggli. This way the playground at the Rinderberg mountain top station with the silhouetted facades is a great way to motivate kids and for the grand finale it’s back down to the valley by scooter from the middle station.
Distance: 5.9 km, time: approx. 2 hours

The Classic Hike: Wispile – Gsteig / Lauenen / Lake Lauenen

Once we arrive at the mountain lodge Wispile by gondola, we enjoy the view onto Gstaad, watch a few paragliders take off and follow the trail over the back of the mountain heading south. We hike over luscious pastures and arrive at a small lake. Here at “Vorderi Höji Wispile” is one of the eight oversized fondue pots that invites you for a cosy fondue (the Gstaad Fondue Backpack is available at the local dairies). We have the new Picnic Backpack with us and spread out the picnic blanket to enjoy bread and cheese from the region in order to strengthen us for the second part of the hike. At the Chrine Pass we must decide: should we go towards Gsteig, down to Lauenen or better to Lake Lauenen? We decide to go for the well-deserved cooling off in the lake and head off for the last part of the hike. The PostAuto will take us back to Gstaad.
Distance: 9.3 km, time: approx. 3 hours (details up to Lake Lauenen)

The Surprising Hike: Sparenmoos – Hundsrügg – Sparenmoos

We begin a somewhat sporty hike onto the Sparenmoos. We arrived with the “hiker’s taxi” that drives back and forth between Zweisimmen and Sparenmoos on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays (reservation necessary!). The trail takes us over the gently climbing Nüjeberg to Alp Schiltenegg. From here the terrain is somewhat steeper and via the wide ridge we reach the peak of Hundsrügg. We are breathless: from here we have an incredible all-round view. 427 peaks can be seen on a clear day! Some of the most famous ones are the Eiger, Matterhorn and Mont Blanc. We can hardly get enough, but continue anyway on the trail. We pass by the little lake “Erbetlaub”, cool our feet off in the refreshing water and continue on until Schiltenegg. Here it’s worth taking a detour to Nüjeberg Beizli to relax and enjoy some food and drinks. For the grand finale of this unforgettable hike, we get on the scooter and race down from Sparenmoos to Zweisimmen.
Distance: 10.1 km, time: approx. 3 h 20 min

Everything about summer in Gstaad can be found at www.gstaad.ch/summer.