Autumnal indulgence

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27.08.2021 | Autumn · Lifestyle · Culinary delights

Top 5: Our culinary bucket list for fall

Autumn has a lot to offer, especially on a culinary level. Just thinking of local game specialties, fine mushroom dishes or delicious cheese makes your mouth water. We would like to reveal our top 5 suggestions for autumnal culinary delight to you.

1. Game specialties

The hunting season brings delicious game dishes onto the menus of many gastronomic businesses. Some of the restaurants close to Gstaad, like the Restaurant Müli from the Hotel Gstaaderhof or Posthotel Rössli or Hotel Kernen serve game specialties from local hunters. Fine homemade “spätzli”, red cabbage and caramelised chestnuts, who can say “no” to that?

2. Visit an autumnal market

In the autumnal months, culinary markets and events are always taking place. In Gstaad, a lot of the social events are about the fine alpine cheese. At the Chästeilet event, the previous alpine season is celebrated as festival and the fresh mountain cheese will be tasted for the first time. The “Alpkäse- und Glockenmarkt” draws visitors with tasty Hobelkäse (Bernese alpine cheese) and traditional handicrafts. Have you already tried a Hobelkäse with a bit of “Saane mustard”? This specialty, made with spiced cherry puree, gives the cheese a very special flavour. Other events, like the 22nd Bernese Alpine Cheese Championship, where different kinds of cheeses can be tasted, is where cheese lovers definitely get their money’s worth. Find out more on our event calendar.

3. Mushroom picking in Gstaad forests

Those who know where to look will find a lot of mushrooms in the forests around Gstaad. Maybe you will come across them during one of your hikes in the fairytale-like colourful forests. In case you want to eat the mushrooms, check with a mushroom inspector first. In order to be on the safe side, its best to enjoy chanterelles and porcini mushrooms as sliced mushrooms at the Restaurant Wildhorn in Lauenen.

4. Picnic with a view

Let your Gstaad Picnic Backpack be filled with autumnal delicacies like alpine cheese, nuts or berries and enjoy a dinner on one of the loungers or on a meadow. Surrounded by golden forests in a dreamy evening atmosphere, your dinner will turn into an experience. Our insider tip for the perfect picnic location: Grossi Vorschess, on the hiking trail between Rellerli and Saanenmöser. There you will find barbecue spots with tables and firewood. Those who already know Grossi Vorschess and would like to discover more spots can find an overview of the barbecue spots and places to relax here.

5. Outdoor Fondue

With fondue and a glass wine, the beautiful view is twice as enjoyable! We pack our fondue backpack (or order one from a local dairy) and head for one of the huge wooden caquelons. Those who come across their new favourite picnic spot along the way can make themselves comfortable – after all, with a fondue backpack you are quite flexible..

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