Autumn E-bike Tours

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25.8.2021 | Summer · E-Bike

Autumn E-bike Tours

Autumn is a wonderful time of the year to enjoy riding through the beautiful Saanenland. When nature radiates in all its colours, the view is twice as nice. We wanted you to know what to look out for when e-biking in autumn and would like to share with you our favourite e-bike routes for this golden season.


The somewhat cooler temperatures in autumn can actually be a welcome change. During the day, however, it can still get surprisingly hot. Dress so that you are comfortable both in the cool morning and early evening hours as well as over lunchtime. The best way to do this is to layer your clothing. A light, breathable rain jacket is a must if rain is in the forecast. To be on the safe side, check the weather on our website or take a look at our live webcam from Gstaad in the morning.

E-bike equipment

The long days are numbered. In autumn it gets dark earlier again. Make sure to test the lights on your e-bike before you go on a tour. In case you are worried about the battery during the rain, there is no need to. Most of the e-bike batteries can easily handle the cold and rain. In case you want to charge your electric bike anyway, you will find a list of all the charging stations here.

Route conditions

While the colourful leaves are beautiful to look at on the trees, they can be quite slippery and dangerous when they are on the ground. That’s why it makes sense to slow down, especially when it’s wet outside.

If you make sure to do this, then nothing will stand in the way of your next e-bike tour in autumn. Now to some of our favourite stretches.

E-bike route Gstaad – Turbach – Wintermatte – Bissen – Gstaad

Time: approx. 1.5 ca. 1h 30 min

The relaxing tour along the Louwibach and Turbach streams is one of our absolute favourites. In addition to the babbling of the water, the cool and nicely scented forest, we are also rewarded by the nice view of Gstaad at the end of the tour.

E-bike route Gstaad – Lake Arnen – Gstaad

Time: approx. 2h 30 min

For experienced e-bikers the more challenging stretch to Lake Arnen is ideal. Starting in Gstaad, the route after Feutersoey goes up a narrow and steep street up to the lake. However, the climb is worth it – the trees around Lake Arnen change to a golden colour in autumn and the lake is a great place to relax, either along the shore or in the restaurant Berggasthaus Huus am Arnensee.