Holiday apartments are trendy

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09 June 2020 | Summer · Lifestyle · Apartments & Chalets

Flexible, independent and (germ-)free: Holiday apartments are trendy

Are you looking for relaxation and coziness, do you like nature and love the mountains? Spend your vacation in a holiday apartment in the destination Gstaad far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Enjoy the freedom and independence and simply feel at home.

Those who want to be totally flexible during their vacation and who prefer peace and lots of space will have a great time in one of the almost 200 different holiday apartments in and around Gstaad. Just as the culinary offering in the region ranges from simple rustic mountain pubs to star-awarded cuisines, so is the variety among the holiday apartments. From 5-star properties to alpine huts, just about everything is possible – a corresponding list of offers for „Vacation on an Alp / on a Farm“ can be found here. Most holiday apartments in the region are in the 2-star superior to 3-star range. Holiday apartments located outside of villages, which offer guests „id Rueh vor Natur“ (the peace of nature), are also available, as are luxurious chalets that are rented out by local real estate agencies.

Especially in today’s time, holiday apartments offer a tremendous charm and lots of advantages: in a holiday apartment guests are by themselves, have lots of space to move around and the BAG guidelines can be optimally implemented. Social distancing is just as easy in a holiday apartment as it is at home.

Those who like to be independent can’t go wrong with a holiday apartment. Especially families seem to appreciate holiday apartments the most. Kids have their own space, meal times can be adapted to suit the family schedule, sleeping habits of young children are not disrupted by the fixed meal times of a hotel restaurant and the days can be organized based on personal preferences. Those who enjoy cooking can try preparing local specialties, discover new and unusual foods at the grocery store and those who prefer to leave the cooking to others have countless possibilities at the many restaurants in the destination.

Guests in holiday apartments often experience especially nice encounters, as this guest feedback shows: „Very friendly welcome and encounters with the landlord. During a power outage, we received flashlights, our safety and comfort were important to the landlord. We had a great time!“ Landlord families usually strive to welcome guests with cordiality and warmth – hotels naturally do the same, however landlords can clearly establish a more personal contact with their guests.

Many guests literally feel at home – only the surroundings are very different: mountains, wonderful nature, peace and enjoyment on all levels.