An autumnal break in Gstaad

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14.10.2020 | Autumn · Well-being · Nature

Autumnal Moments of Well-being

The first snow has already fallen and it’s time to give body and soul some time off. From the scent of a forest to a visit in a wellness center, autumn in Gstaad is full of relaxing moments of well-being.

The hot days are over and slowly but surely autumn is making its way into the destination Gstaad. The leaves on the trees are changing colors, in the morning mystical wafts of fog gather in the valleys, the earthy smell of autumn is in the air again. Even though summer is slowly coming to an end, this is no reason to be sad. Because with the right program, autumn in Gstaad will surely make you feel good!

Whether bright sunshine or light drizzle, we will lace up our shoes and take a walk in the forest. How good it smells here! Like soft moss and conifers, moist soil and dry leaves. The leaves rustle and crunch under our feet, the wind rushes through the high treetops. We close our eyes and listen to nature as we enjoy one of the new loungers.

After our excursion we warm our cold fingers on a large cup of hot chocolate – for example at Charly’s in Gstaad or Délice in Saanen – and then snuggle up at home in a cozy blanket in front of the crackling fire.

And while it slowly gets dark outside, we treat our bodies a wellness program in the spa section of the Sportzentrum Gstaad and really relax and let go.

Have we inspired you? Enjoy an autumnal break in Gstaad!

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