Information & Measures of Authorities Covid-19

This page provides up-to-date information on the handling of Covid-19 in the Destination Gstaad as well as an overview of the most important official decisions.


Clean & safe: Getting about safely in Switzerland

The tourism trade associations have launched a ''Clean & Safe''  label. The label lets guests know that they are visiting an establishment that has consciously committed to comply with the safety concept. The ''Clean & Safe''  campaign is supported by Switzerland Tourism. Service suppliers are responsible for ensuring that the safety protocols are implemented and complied with. Cantonal regulations must also be taken into account in the protection concepts and measures.

Destination Gstaad

The Covid 19 vaccination truck is coming to Saanen one more time in October:

8 October, 13.00 - 20.00 and 9 October, 10.00 - 16.00. Bahnhofplatz Ost, Saanen (first and second vaccinations possible).

Vaccination is carried out by DOCS (mobile medical staff). A doctor is always present for emergencies.

For all appointments applies:

  • Register in advance on VacMe (
  • Go to the respective location during opening hours. It is not necessary to book an appointment in advance.

Cinema car park Gstaad

A public test centre is available at the cinema car park in Gstaad. Masks are compulsory. In order to make the process as efficient as possible, we recommend booking an appointment in advance via this link! All current dates and times can be found there.

Test persons must bring a smartphone, identity card and health insurance card. Until the end of September, antigen tests with a valid health insurance card will be paid for by the federal government (except for foreigners). From 1 October, all are self-payers. The test costs CHF 50 for self-payers and must be paid in cash on site.

Zweisimmen Hospital

There is a COVID-19 test centre at Zweisimmen Hospital. You can find all the information on the website of Zweisimmen Hospital.

If symptoms occur, only visit the doctor's surgery or hospital after making an appointment by telephone.

Emergency Hospital Zweisimmen
Karl Haueter-Strasse 21, 3770 Zweisimmen
Tel. +41 58 636 99 98,

The operating dates and opening hours of hotels and restaurants in the Destination Gstaad are constantly updated in the two linked pdf's.

In case authorities mandate another lockdown due to COVID-19, the booked services will be refunded or credited to your account.

Useful Links

Apartments and Bed & Breakfast

For new bookings with stay until 5 April 2021: Free cancellation or rebooking to a later period of stay* up to 4 days prior to arrival:

  • official restrictions on travel to the Destination Gstaad or back to your place of residence
  • in the event of restrictions imposed by the authorities with regard to the tourist operations booked (including closure of the mountain railways)
  • only applies on accommodations that are tagged with the icon "booking with planning scecurity".

In all other cases, as well as for bookings not made via Gstaad Saanenland Tourism, the general terms and conditions of the respective provider remain valid without change.

*not valid for business trips

Leaflet for Holiday apartment owners

Holiday apartments and chalets are the ideal accommodation during the current situation around the coronavirus, because the guidelines of the FOPH can be adhered to well. What you should note when renting:

Which events take place?

The entries in our events calendar will be actualized regularly and marked in case of cancellation.

Who will bear my damages?

If you bought tickets for an event, which has been cancelled due to the coronavirus, please contact the organiser or the point of sale directly. Only the organiser can decide if there will be a refund or if the event will be postponed. If you will cancel your trip to Gstaad which you already paid due to the coronavirus, please contact the respective booking office. The general terms and conditions of the respective supplier are applied in general.


Bergbahnen Destination Gstaad


The safety of our guests and employees is a top priority for Bergbahnen Destination Gstaad. Dealing with each other responsibly is absolutely essential in times like these. This includes compliance with officially prescribed safety precautions and the independent action of each individual. With this in mind, we ask you to observe the distance regulations and to implement the necessary hygiene measures. Please also remember to enjoy the diversity and beauty of the Gstaad ski area.

Due to the official requirements surrounding the development of COVID-19, the Bergbahnen Destination Gstaad have taken all necessary measures to protect the health of their guests. They are given more space at the ticket offices, in the cable cars and in mountain restaurants. Protective masks and tube scarves are available at the ticket offices to cover nose and mouth. Dispensers with disinfectant are also available in sufficient quantities.

Bergbahnen Destination Gstaad takes the following measures to protect your safety
As far as possible, the Bergbahnen Destination Gstaad take measures to counteract the spread of COVID-19 and thus contribute to the protection of our guests and employees. The legal requirements are minimum requirements. In addition, we are constantly working to take further effective measures.

  • At our feeder lines you will find sufficient tips and information (e.g. via screens and displays as well as by our trained staff) on our current COVID-19 guidelines. In addition, we provide you with continuous information via information systems (screens) in the entire ski area.
  • Public areas are regularly cleaned and disinfected.
  • Sufficient hand disinfectants in public areas and soap in the toilets are available.
  • Mouth and nose protection must be worn in the access and exit areas as well as in all our lifts (gondolas, chair lifts, cable and drag lifts and on the conveyor belts) or wherever the minimum distance cannot be maintained. Appropriate mouth and nose protection masks and tubular scarves are available for purchase at all ticket offices. In mountain restaurants, the protection must be worn except if seated at a table.

For your information: The risk of infection only exists if you stay in closed rooms for a longer period of time and if the minimum distance is less than two metres. We leave it up to you to decide whether you want to enter a cabin where there are already people inside.

Our employees with customer contact wear a mouth and nose protector during their working hours.


Summary of relevant governmental measures

Measures by the federal government of 17.9.2021

On Friday afternoon, 17 September 2021, the Federal Council adopted its latest measures, which will apply from 20 September 2021. These include new rules for entering Switzerland and access to the Covid certificate for people vaccinated abroad. For more information, see the media release.

Measures by the federal government of 8.9.2021

On Wednesday afternoon, 8 September 2021, the Federal Council decided on its latest measures, which will apply from 13 September 2021 and probably until 24 January 2022:

  • The Federal Council has decided that from next Monday only vaccinated, recovered and tested persons will be allowed access to many areas of public life.
  • From 13 September, the certificate requirement will be extended to indoor areas of (hotel) bars and restaurants, as well as leisure, sports and entertainment establishments such as theatres, cinemas, casinos, swimming pools, museums, zoos, etc. In future, a valid certificate will also be required to attend indoor events (concerts, sporting events, club events, private events such as weddings outside private premises).
  • No certificate requirement will be introduced for: Public transport, retail trade and in the transit area of airports / Private events in private premises for up to 30 people / Religious events and events for the formation of political opinion for up to 50 people / Meetings of parliaments and municipal assemblies / Services of public authorities and personal services, such as hairdressing salons, therapeutic and counselling services, catering services in social contact points.
  • Persons who wish to obtain a certificate must pay for the necessary tests themselves from 1 October. The costs for testing people with symptoms will continue to be covered by the federal government. However, such tests do not entitle the holder to obtain a certificate. Preventive rapid antigen tests for people who cannot be vaccinated and tests for children under 16 will continue to be paid for by the Confederation.

Easing measures as of 23.6.2021

On 23 June 2021, the Federal Council communicated that the following relaxation steps will be implemented as of Monday 26 June 2021:

  • No compulsory wearing of masks outdoors, at work and at secondary level II.
  • Home office obligation becomes home office recommendation.
  • No more capacity restrictions for shops, leisure and sports facilities.
  • Relaxations for the catering trade: The restriction on the number of persons per table is dropped. In indoor areas, the obligation to sit when consuming remains, the distance between groups must be maintained and one contact per group must be charged. Those who are not seated must wear a mask. In outdoor areas, the seating obligation and the collection of contact details is omitted.
  • Clubs and dance venues open to Covid-certified persons.
  • No restrictions for events with Covid certificate.
  • Events without Covid certificate: A number of restrictions apply here: maximum 1000 visitors for seated areas, maximum 500 outside and 250 inside for standing areas. In addition, the capacity can be used to a maximum of two-thirds. Inside, masks are compulsory and consumption is only allowed in the restaurant area. No dance or concert events.
  • Private events remain restricted: Only 30 people can still meet in private indoor rooms, and a maximum of 50 outside.
  • Sport and culture: There are no longer any restrictions on people doing sport or cultural activities together.
  • Entry into Switzerland will be made easier: The quarantine requirement will be lifted in principle for people entering from the Schengen area. The testing obligation only applies to those arriving by air. People from third countries who have been vaccinated can also enter the country again.

Easing measures as of 31.5.2021

On 26 May 2021, the Federal Council communicated that the following relaxation steps will be implemented as of Monday 31 May 2021:

  • Public events: inside 100, outside 300 persons
  • Private meetings: 30 people inside, 50 outside
  • Restaurants: indoors also open again, outside tables for 6 allowed
  • Amateur sports and amateur culture: larger groups of up to 50 people and performances and competitions with an audience
  • Universities: face-to-face teaching with protection concept without personal limits
  • No more home office obligation for companies that regularly test
  • No quarantine for vaccinated and recovered persons

Easing measures as of 19.4.2021

On 14 April 2021, the Federal Council communicated that the following relaxation steps will be implemented as of Monday 19 April 2021:

  • Restaurants and bars may open terraces: Seating is compulsory and the mask may only be removed during consumption. A maximum of four people are allowed per table. Contact details must be collected from all persons. Discotheques and dance halls remain closed.
  • Publicly accessible institutions and businesses may open indoor areas: This means that zoos and botanical gardens are also fully accessible again. Indoors, a mask must always be worn and the required distance maintained. The indoor area of wellness facilities and leisure pools, however, remains closed.
  • Events with an audience - 100 people outside, 50 inside: Events with 100 people outside and 50 people inside are again possible. This includes football matches, open-air concerts, cinemas, theatres and concerts. Seating is compulsory and masks must be worn at all times. There must be a distance of 1.5 metres between visitors or a seat must be left free. Guided tours in museums and meetings of association members are permitted up to 15 persons.
  • Sports and cultural activities for adults are permitted up to 15 people: This means that amateur competitions are also permitted again. Outdoors, either a mask must be worn or the required distance of 1.5 metres must be maintained. Indoors, both the mask and the distance must be worn. However, there are exceptions for activities where wearing a mask is not possible (e.g. endurance training in fitness centres or singing in a choir). Sports with physical contact are still not permitted indoors, and outdoors only if a mask is worn.

Easing measures as of 22.3.2021

On 19 March 2021, the Federal Council announced that the following relaxation measures will apply from 22 March:

  • From 22 March indoor gatherings of family and friends involving up to ten people are allowed.
  • Further opening steps are planned for 14 April - depending on how the pandemic progresses.

Easing measures as of 1.3.2021

On 24 February 2021, the Federal Council announced that the following relaxation measures will apply from 1 March:

  • Shops, museums, libraries and outdoor areas of sports and leisure facilities will be allowed to reopen.
  • Outdoor gatherings with a maximum of 15 people will be permitted again.
  • Further opening steps are planned for 22 March - depending on how the pandemic progresses.

Measures by the federal government of 13.1.2021

On Wednesday afternoon, 13 January 2021, the Federal Council adopted its latest measures:

  • All measures from 18.12.2020 will be extended until the end of February 2021.
  • Restaurants as well as cultural, sports and leisure facilities have to remain closed throughout Switzerland since 9 January without the possibility of special cantonal regulations.
  • As of Monday 18 January, shops and markets will be closed. Shops and markets that offer goods for daily use are exempt. It will still be possible to pick up ordered goods on site. On the other hand, the regulation that shops, petrol station shops and kiosks must remain closed after 7 pm and on Sundays can be lifted.
  • A maximum of five people are allowed to attend private events. Children are also counted towards this number.
  • Crowds in public spaces will also be limited to five people.
  • Employers are obliged to arrange home office wherever this is possible due to the nature of the activity and can be implemented with reasonable effort. Where home office is not or only partially possible, further measures will be enacted at the workplace: For the protection of workers indoors, masks are now mandatory wherever more than one person is present in a room. A large distance between workplaces in the same room is no longer sufficient.

Following the discovery of a new, more contagious variant of the coronavirus in the UK and South Africa, the Federal Council today decided to take steps to prevent the further spread of this new virus strain. All persons who have entered Switzerland from these two countries since 14 December must go into quarantine for 10 days.

Measures by the federal government of 18.12.2020

On Friday afternoon, 18 December 2020, the Federal Council adopted its latest measures, which will apply from 22 December 2020 until 22 January 2021:

  • Restaurants and cafés will be closed. There are no exceptions for the holidays. Only company and school canteens as well as restaurants for hotel guests may remain open. Take-aways and delivery services will also be allowed. Bakeries are allowed to offer their entire range of products on Sunday under certain conditions.
  • Leisure and cultural facilities will be closed. These include museums, cinemas, libraries, casinos and zoos. Cultural activities will remain possible in small groups. Events with an audience will remain prohibited.
  • Sports facilities will also be closed. Individual and group training indoors is prohibited. Outdoors, sports may be practised in groups of no more than five people. Professional games may take place without spectators. Activities by children and young people before their 16th birthday are still permitted, with the exception of competitions.
  • Exceptions possible in individual cantons. Cantons with favourable epidemiological development may decide on facilitations, such as opening restaurants and sports facilities.
  • Ski resorts remain open for the time being. However, ski resorts need a permit from the competent canton and a comprehensive protection concept to operate.
  • Capacity of shops will be further restricted. The maximum number of people depends on the freely accessible shop space. Shops must remain closed between 7 p.m. and 6 a.m. and on Sundays and public holidays.
  • Recommendation "Stay at home": The population is encouraged to stay at home. People should keep their social contacts to a minimum as well as refrain from going out.
  • The use of rapid tests will be expanded. They can now also be carried out without symptoms, for example in homes or at the workplace. Anyone who carries out a rapid test outside the test criteria must pay for it themselves. Pharmacies, hospitals, doctors' surgeries and test centres are now allowed to carry out all rapid tests that meet the criteria of the FOPH

Measures by the federal government of 11.12.2020

On Friday afternoon, 11 December 2020, the Federal Council adopted its latest measures, which will apply from 12 December 2020 until 22 January 2021:

  • Closing time from 7 pm: Restaurants, bars, shops, museums, libraries and sports and leisure facilities must close between 7 pm and 6 am.
  • On 24 December and for New Year's Eve, the curfew does not apply until 1 am.
  • Takeaways and delivery services may remain open until 11 pm.
  • Cantons with a favourable epidemiological development are allowed to extend the curfew to 11 pm.
  • No tightening of private meetings: The Federal Council refrains from further restricting private meetings. It retains the current regulation with a maximum of ten persons. However, it strongly recommends limiting private meetings to two households.
  • Public events prohibited: Public events will be banned with the exception of religious celebrations, funerals, political rallies and legislative meetings.
  • Sports only with up to 5 persons: Sports activities will now only be allowed in groups of up to five people. Contact sports remain prohibited. Group activities are also restricted to 5 persons in the non-professional cultural sector.
  • Sporting and cultural activities (without competitions) by children and young people up to 16 as well as training and competitions in professional sports remain permitted. Rehearsals and performances by professional artists continue to be permitted.

Measures by the federal government of 04.12.2020

On Friday afternoon, 4 December 2020, the Federal Council adopted its latest measures, which will apply from 9 December 2020:

Concerning winter sports and ski resorts

  • Stricter rules for winter sports: Ski resorts must have a cantonal permit from 22 December. This is subject to the condition that the epidemiological situation in the canton permits this. This means: sufficient capacities for contact tracing, in hospitals and for testing.
  • Capacity limitation in ski resorts: In enclosed means of transport such as cabins and gondolas, only two thirds of the seats may be filled. Masks are compulsory on all lifts, even when queuing. Sufficient distance must also be allowed.
  • Restaurants in ski areas: Entry is only permitted if a table is free.
  • Control of the cantons by the Confederation: Ski area operators must also submit protection concepts. The cantons must check compliance and also be accountable to the federal government.

Other decisions

  • Fewer people in the shops: capacity limitation in the larger shops from today's 4 to 10 square metres per customer.
  • New rules for restaurants: collection of contact details is compulsory throughout Switzerland. Closing time is extended to 1 o'clock on New Year's Eve.
  • Home office recommendation: employers should make home offices possible.
  • Recommendation to limit contacts: Meetings in private homes or restaurants should be limited to two households. The limit of 10 persons is maintained.
  • Singing is prohibited: Outside the family circle and compulsory schools, singing is forbidden both outdoors and indoors.

Measures by the canton of Bern of 23.10.2020 are extended and expanded

Due to the stagnation in the number of cases and the still high positivity rate, the government of the canton of Bern is extending the corona measures by one more week until 14.12.2020. In order to achieve a stronger containment of the virus, the restaurants will have to close already at 9 p.m. from Monday, 30.11. In addition, the number of guests will be limited to a maximum of 50. At the same time, the government has the firm intention to allow cultural and sports institutions to open again from 14.12., in line with federal regulations, and to allow up to 50 people to attend church services at the same time.

Measures by the canton of Bern of 23.10.2020 are extended

The measures imposed on 23 October were limited in time until 23 November. The regulation included rules on restaurants, events, sports, educational institutions and buildings open to the public. These measures are now extended until 7 December. It will then be decided how to proceed.

Switzerland-wide measures from 29.10.2020

On 28 October 2020, the Federal Council decided on the following measures which will apply from 29 October 2020 for an indefinite period. If cantons have introduced more strict regulations, these will apply.

  • Discos and dance halls will be closed
  • Closing time from 23 hrs in bars and restaurants
  • Ban on events with more than 50 people
  • stricter mask requirement
  • Upper limit of 10 persons for private events
  • No sports and cultural activities indoors with more than 15 people

Measures Canton Bern as of 24.10.2020

On Friday, 23 October 2020, the canton of Bern decided on further measures against the spread of the coronavirus, initially limited to four weeks:

  • Events involving more than 15 people will be prohibited.
  • Closing time in the gastronomy from 23.00 - 06.00 hours.
  • Publicly accessible facilities such as - among others - bars, swimming pools, wellness centres, museums, cinemas and sports and fitness centres will be closed.
  • Competitions and training of team sports of lower leagues are no longer allowed.

More rigorous measures as of 19.10.2020

From Monday, 19 October 2020, Switzerland will again have to take more rigorous measures against the spread of the coronavirus:

  • Masks must be worn in publicly accessible facilities and indoors.
  • Spontaneous gatherings of more than 15 people in public places are prohibited.
  • For events with family and friends with 16 to 100 people, the following applies: compulsory masks, collection of contact details, consumption only while seated. A protection concept is obligatory for events with more than 100 persons.
  • Compulsory seating in catering establishments. Food and drinks may only be consumed sitting down (indoors and outdoors).
  • Home office recommendation.

In addition, major events with more than 1000 persons are prohibited in the canton of Berne until further notice.

Mandatory use of masks indoors

On 7.10.2020, it was decided that in the canton of Berne, masks will be mandatory in publicly accessible indoor areas from Monday, 12 October 2020.

Obligatory registration in restaurants (Canton Bern)

Since 17 August 2020, at least one person per guest group must always give their contact details in restaurant interiors.

Obligation to wear a mask

The Federal Council decided on 1.7. that masks will be compulsory on public transport from Monday, 6 July. This also applies to cable cars, but not to chair lifts.

last Update: 20. September 2021