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FAQ about coronavirus in the Destination Gstaad

Last updated on 22 september 2020. Below you will find answers on the most frequently asked questions.

Book with Guarantee

This winter you can book your stay in Gstaad and remain flexible. All mountain railways and ski schools as well as a majority of the hotels in the destination are offering guests a return guarantee. In case authorities mandate another lockdown due to COVID-19, the booked services will be refunded or credited to your account. All mountain railways and ski schools as well as a majority of the hotels in Gstaad have corresponding booking conditions for the winter 2020/21 season.

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Season tickets - Book with Covid-Security

Gstaad season passes for local residents: in case authorities mandate closure of all mountain railways in the Tarifverbundes Gstaad between 01.12.2020 and 05.04.2021, a pro rata temporis cash refund will be made.

Top4 Season Passes: in case authorities mandate closure of all Top4 areas between 01.12.2020 and 05.04.2021, a pro rata temporis cash refund will be made.
The closure must affect the entire area of validity of the respective ski pass (season ticket Top4 or local residents).

Products such as the Upgrade Glacier 3000 and the Gstaad indoor swimming pool are excluded from these regulations, so that the purchaser of these products must deal directly with the respective service provider.

Book mountain railway day- and multi-day-tickets with Covid-Security

In case the authorities state that all mountain railways in the Gstaad tariff association must be closed at some point during the winter season 2020/21, holders of one-day and multi-day tickets will receive a credit for the days of skiing that could not be taken during the closure. This credit can be redeemed online until the end of the winter season 2021/22 from Bergbahnen Destination Gstaad AG. Ticket holders can re-book online via

Obligation to wear a mask

The Federal Council decided on 1.7. that masks will be compulsory on public transport from Monday, 6 July. This also applies to cable cars, but not to chair lifts.

Season start of Bergbahnen Destination Gstaad

After the decision of the federal council about further easings, the Bergbahnen Destination Gstaad will start their summer season with week-end service at the Wispile from 6. june. The other mountains will follow from 20. june als planned.

Current informations on restaurants

With the easing of the restrictions by 11 mai, restaurants are allowed to re-start their services. On our restaurant-page, you find actual informations about the restaurants in the Destination and their services.

Informations from 29. April

On 29. april 2020 the federal council informed, that among other things restaurants, museums and libraries will be allowed to re-open under strict requirements.

Easing of the restrictions

On 16. april, the federal council informed about the plans for easing the public restrictions. It shall happen in three steps: 27. april / 11. mai and 8. june.

All thease easings are subject to change, if the development of the Covid-19 cases will go in the wrong direction.

Extension of the public restrictions until 26th of April

According to the Decision of the Federal Council, the restrictions of the public life have been extended for one week until 26.4.2020. Afterwards, the restrictions will be loosen up step by step. Details will be communicated by the Federal Council.

Use of the public playgrounds and barbecue areas

On Tuesday 17th of March 2020, the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) explained the details of the measures that the Federal Council has enacted throughout Switzerland. The following measures are included:

Try to stay at home if possible and avoid public places. " A maximum of five children should play together "

Gstaad Saanenland Tourism cannot guarantee that this place is virus free and for this reason, the following applies in this case too: "Play at your own risk!”

Protect yourself and your children!

Public restrictions

Due to the updated decree of the Federal Council, all service providers and restaurants in Switzerland will be closed from Tuesday, 16th March 2020 from midnight. Hotels and food/grocery stores are currently excluded.

Closure of the cable cars as of sunday 15.3.2020

The spread of the Coronavirus has further consequences for the operation of the mountain railways in the destination Gstaad: The winter sports area will close on Saturday evening, 14th March 2020, and from Sunday, 15.3.2020 the ski area including catering operations will be closed, thus ending this year’s winter season.

Leaflet for Holiday apartments

Holiday apartments and chalets are the ideal accommodation during the current situation around the coronavirus, because the guidelines of the FOPH can be adhered to well. What you should note when renting:

Which events have been cancelled?

The entries in our events calendar will be actualized regularly.

Who will bear my damages?

If you bought tickets for an event, which has been cancelled due to the coronavirus, please contact the organiser directly. Only the organiser can decide if there will be a refund or if the event will be postponed. If you will cancel your trip to Gstaad which you already paid due to the coronavirus, please contact your accommodation.