Construction diary stagings

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Adventure and alpine diversity for families

With the summer stagings on the Wispile as well as on the Rinderberg, the destination will be creating new highlights – and this time the focus will be on our younger visitors and on families. The new playgrounds, adjacent to the comfortable mountain restaurants, are perfect places for discovery, play and relaxation. Further extensions are planned which will see the creation of adventure areas for young and old.

Published: 17. July 2019

The Wispile Playground is Officially Open

The Wispile playground was inaugurated amidst a big celebration. The highlight was the concert from Ueli Schmezer's Chinderland. The first kids on the playground really enjoyed the many activities from the supporting programme. In addition to slides, a climbing garden, swings and water fun, the new playground also has an adventure farm with a petting zoo. It’s worth noting that key elements of the playground are made of wood and stone.

Photos by Tilman Pfäfflin
Published: 12. July 2019

The New Adventure World is Taking Shape

The final spurt on the Wispile has begun before the opening on July 18th. The water is already running through the various fountains, the wooden sculptures have found their place and the various elements are standing.
Published: 04. July 2019

First Attraction is Standing on the Wispile

The new slide arrived in four separate parts by helicopter on the Wispile. The slide is one of the highlights on the adventure playground, which offers kids a great place to play and explore.
Published: 21. June 2019

The First Playground Elements are on the Wispile

The new playground on the Wispile consists of slides, a climbing garden, swings and water fun. The wooden elements that have already been assembled provide a first glimpse into the world of adventure awaiting our young guests that are eagerly looking forward to the final result.
Photos by Tilman Pfäfflin
Published: 18. June 2019

Rinderberg Playground Has Been Inaugurated

Since June 15th, children's eyes have been shining particularly brightly on the Rinderberg. For the inauguration all guests under 16 years old were allowed to take the gondola lift to Rinderberg for free. After the official speech, Matthias In-Albon, Managing Director of BDG AG, officially opened the playground with great pleasure. The facade playground extends over a total of four levels and is equipped with slides, a climbing scaffold, and climbing cows. A large silhouette on the facade is the definite eye-catcher of the playground.
Published: 12. June 2019

Completion on the Rinderberg - Start on the Wispile

The last devices and elements have been installed on the Rinderberg and the final tasks are in work before the inauguration this weekend. In the meantime, the first elements for the playground have arrived on the Wispile. Naturally, under the watchful eye of our young construction manager Andrina. She will continue to observe the construction work out of the eyes of a child and give her valuable inputs.
Published: 03. June 2019

Silhouettes Decorate the Adventure Playground

In the meantime, the roof was installed on the east side and the south facade is now under construction. Material for the playground has arrived and the first elements are already standing. The traditional silhouette is the main decorative element in the new adventure world.
Published: 24. May 2019

SAVE THE DATES: Opening Events with lots of Surprises

On Saturday, June 15th, the inauguration of the playground at Rinderberg will be celebrated. As a welcome gift, all guests under 16 years old can travel for free on the cable car to Rinderberg. On July 18th, the big highlight for the opening of the playground and petting zoo on the Wispile will be the concert by CHINDERLAND with Ueli Schmezer. Children's eyes will light up when they see all the different activities they can choose from.
Published: 16. May 2019

The Cold Sophie also Sets the Tone on the Rinderberg

In stormy weather and under windy conditions the terrace was set up and the restrooms were renovated. The first results can already be seen.
Published: 03. May 2019

Fly Helicopter Fly

The helicopter will also be occasionally used at this construction site and fly construction material up to the Rinderberg. In the meantime, the first side of the facade was completed and work began on the next stage.
Published: 03. May 2019


Published: 26. April 2019

Challenges on the Mountain

The construction site on the mountain brings about its own challenges. The transport of the machines, the material and the workers must be well thought out, planned and organized.
Published: 16. April 2019

Construction Begin on the Rinderberg

Spring is slowly coming to the destination and therefore construction of the new playground on the Rinderberg has begun. The initial work on the facade is underway and despite the snow in many places, the construction work is going according to plan.