Construction diary Saanersloch

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Impressions from the Opening-Event, 15.12.2018

Current construction-impressions

Published: 17. December 2018

Facts & Figures about the new cable car

Published: 15. December 2018

Opening Saanersloch cable car: big party with Nickless

The new Saanersloch Bahn commences operations with a grand opening party on 15 December. The party highlight will be the appearance of Swiss singer-songwriter Nickless from 2 pm at the Saanersloch mountain restaurant. Expect surprises galore and loads of fun for young and old at the treasure hunt. And there will be tasty food, warm drinks and a great atmosphere at the snow bar at the Berghaus. Further event information on
Published: 14. November 2018

First Test Runs are Successful

The first test runs are successfully under way and the cable car is ready to be put into operation. The new modern gondolas have now all been delivered and found their place in the cable car station. Everyone is already excited about the opening and looking forward to the big party on December 15th!
Published: 30. October 2018

Final Work Underway

The much awaited day of completion is just around the corner. In about 6 weeks, the new Saanerloch cable car will be in operation. The final tasks are on schedule: the escalator was delivered, the stations paved and the interior of the valley station is in work. In about two weeks around mid-November the cable car operation will be tested. Thanks to the snowfall, the winter feeling has arrived at the destination and anticipation of the new cable car is continues to increase!
Published: 10. October 2018

Open house day at the construction site

More than 350 people attended the open house at the construction site on October 13th and got a first impression of how they will be transported to the Saanerslochgrat during the upcoming ski season. A quick and comfortable ride is guaranteed in any case. More spacious cabins, a quieter drive technology and ground level entrance to the cabin are what make the cable car unique, in addition to its special design. The official opening of the cable car will take place on December 15, 2018. In case of good snow conditions, the cable car will begin operations sooner.
Published: 18. September 2018

Cable Entry is the Next Milestone in the Construction Work

The next major milestone in the construction work is now the cable pull. The cable transport of the second section was done on September 18th. Next is the cable pull and cable splice. For the first section, this work is planned beginning October 1st. The spectacular transport of the four beams, each weighing 5 tons and over 35m in length, for the valley station was carried out last week. The length of the beams was a big challenge for the transport via Simmental to Saanenmöser and required a delicate feel from the driver. Right now beams made from Swiss wood are being installed in the valley station of the new cable car.
Published: 07. September 2018

Preparation cable entry

Published: 31. August 2018

Completion of the mountain top and middle station is on track

The mountain top station of the new Saanerslochbahn is near completion and only the interior still needs to be finished. The middle station has also taken shape over the last few days. The next step is to encase the electromechanics in glass. They are also working hard at the valley station and it shows. Lots of progress has been made over the last several weeks thanks to the extraordinary efforts of all companies involved. The next milestone will be the cable pull as of mid-September.
Published: 06. August 2018

Spectacular Tower Flight at Sunrise

A Kamov KA 32 A12 from Swiss Helicopter was already underway in Saanmöser in the early morning hours, in order to deliver the new towers of the Saanerslochbahn. The helicopter was also used to install the new towers and sheaves. The maximum weight carrying capacity is 4.5 tons. 64 assembly rotations and 32 disassembly rotations are scheduled.
Published: 25. July 2018

The First Supports are Standing

Support 16 has already been installed, support 10 is being assembled and the material for further construction of the middle station is ready. Now things are slowly taking shape. The modern glass ceiling construction with its lovely reflections is an additional motivation for the construction workers and lets one dream of what the future cable car station will look like.
Published: 12. July 2018

First parts of this world first emerge

The first parts of the new glass roof are under construction. This is the first gondola lift by Swiss manufacturer Garaventa-Doppelmayer in the form of a "D-line" and is thus a world first. The new cableway technology will provide the highest level of passenger comfort with a quiet operation as well as a designer glass station cover.
Published: 21. June 2018

Construction of the Mountaintop Station with Fantastic Weather

The first part of the mountain top station was built this week at the Saanerlochgrat with great summer weather. The courageous cable car technicians can enjoy a great view of the valley while working.
Published: 13. June 2018

Video transport electrical tower

Due to the new construction of the Saanerloch Bahn some of the power lines had to be moved and the power supply had to be relocated. The path for the cable car has now been cleared and construction can continue without any further obstacles along the way.
Published: 06. June 2018

Large Material Transports Scheduled

Large transports are arriving at the construction site on an on-going basis. Currently sheave assemblies and pipe support elements are being delivered. Completion of the concrete construction work on the mountain station is also scheduled for this week.
Published: 17. May 2018

Begin of Further Construction on the Stations

As scheduled, further construction of the stations on the Saanerslochbahn building site has begun. An excellent organization and logistics plan are necessary for this building site, with its beautiful panoramic view, in oder to master the challenges of a project of this size.
Published: 26. April 2018

Disassembly of Buildings Almost Complete

The demolition work at the Saanerlochbahn building site is progressing nicely. Only parts of the foundation from the original buildings of the valley and middle stations remain. Therefore construction of the new stations can begin soon.
Published: 12. April 2018

Goodbye Saanersloch Gondolas

What’s going on with the legendary Saanersloch gondolas? The old gondolas, which have achieved cult status, are all going back to the Swiss manufacturer Garaventa and have already been sold. They are to be used as garden sheds and for decoration purposes, with some remaining in Saanenland and others being sent to Germany and England.
Published: 03. April 2018

Saanerslochbahn makes its final journey

What was once the fastest, most modern and most comfortable gondola lift was retired on Easter Monday, 2 April, after almost 40 years of operation. This makes room for the new lift, which will operate as of winter 2018/19. The village organisation at Saanenmöser and Bergbahnen Destination Gstaad AG (BDG) offered all skiers and hikers the chance of a free ascent and descent as a way of bidding farewell to this time-honoured mountain railway. And guests at the Berghaus Saanersloch marked the nostalgic event by sporting their most colourful retro looks as they took advantage of drinks prices such as had not been seen for many a year. To celebrate the day, the last passenger on the lift was presented with a season ticket for the coming winter season by Heinz Brand, BDG chairman and Jan Brand, a member of the Board of Directors. The lucky winner. Jeanne von Siebenthal, says that she looks forward to testing the new lift next winter. Work on the construction site, which was closed during the winter season, will now be resumed with the dismantling of the hoisting cable on 4 April.
Published: 05. December 2017

2017 project phase for Saanersloch cableway construction is now completed

The construction of the new Saanersloch cableway has progressed well and the project phases for the current year have been completed. The construction site will be closed during the winter period and the work will be resumed in the spring.
Published: 21. November 2017

Construction work continuing – Saanersloch pistes still closed

Snowmaking is also in full swing on the Saanersloch slopes. Due to the continuing construction work, the Saanersloch cableway has not yet started operating. Laying the concrete for the supporting foundations for the new gondola lift as well as the building of the new mountain station are still underway and should be completed before the heavy snow arrives.
Published: 03. November 2017

Bergstation nimmt Form an

Die Bauarbeiten sind in vollem Gange, bei der Bergstation sind bereits die ersten Resultate zu sehen.
Published: 27. October 2017

Construction work continues despite the first snowfall

Despite the winter weather this week, construction work has been continuing with the participating firms working as fast as they can. The ground floor for the new mountain station was concreted on Tuesday. The building site meeting was held at the 3rd lift pylon below the Euter Bar. And, as can be seen in the photos, the new supporting foundation has been reinforced, and will be concreted this Thursday.
Published: 18. October 2017

Video D-Line cable car

Published: 11. October 2017

The first supports for the new cable car arrived

The excavation for the most difficult support has been done. The next step was to reinforce and to concrete. Furthermore, the crane for the mountain station was installed.
Published: 10. October 2017

Video groundbreaking ceremony

Published: 03. October 2017

Groundbreaking ceremony took place

Construction work for the new Saanenmöser-Saanerslochgrat gondola lifts is already in progress. The groundbreaking ceremony took place on 3 October. And the planning and building approval documents have already been submitted for the new Gstaad-Eggli gondola lifts.