Construction diary Eggli

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Current construction-impressions

Published: 24. May 2019

Material trifft nach und nach vor Ort ein

Die ersten Rollbatterien sind eingetroffen und sind fast so gross wie die alten Müller, eindrücklich wie gigantisch das eingesetzte Material teilweise ist. Auch der Aushub der ersten Steher der Bergstation ist lanciert.
Published: 16. May 2019

Spring is Taking its Time

Even though winter is not yet completely gone, material preparations are already fully underway. The foundation for the first mast has been dug. The new Eggli gondola has a total of 11 ropeway supports. In the Bartholet factory in Flums the setup of the valley and mountain station has started.
Published: 26. April 2019

Working High Up on the Mountain

Not only in the valley, but also on the Eggli, the construction work is well underway. Although the landscape still looks very wintry, a big effort is still being made in order to adhere to the construction schedule.
Published: 23. April 2019

Goodbye Eggli Cable Car

The dismantling of the old Eggli cable car already began in March. The masts have been taken down and the cable cars have been removed. The days of valley station will also soon be over, as the demolition work there is fully underway.
Published: 18. April 2019

The next new lift at the Eggli in the starting blocks

Winter sports fans can look forward to a new gondola lift at Skiwelt Gstaad in the coming season. The new Eggli lift commences operations next winter. The building regulations were approved last summer, the building permit for the gondola lift was granted in autumn, and now the BDG has also been given building permission for the mountain restaurant.