Construction diary Eggli

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Impressions from the Opening-Event, 21.12.2019

Current construction-impressions

Published: 11. December 2019

Opening of the new Eggli Gondola on 21st December

The new elegant cable car offers a unique ride comfort, thanks to the new suspension system and spacious interior. Additionally, an unusual pop-up restaurant in a converted snow groomer awaits guests on Gstaad's local mountain, the Eggli. Guests and locals are invited to attend the opening celebration on Saturday, December 21st.
Published: 06. November 2019

Gondolas in Motion

In order for the new Eggli railway to be on schedule for its inauguration, the first test rides are already being conducted. The modern and comfortable gondolas were developed by the “Porsche Design Studio” and promise an enjoyable ride.
Published: 21. October 2019

The First Gondolas Have Arrived

The first snow on the mountains peaks indicated that winter is not so far away anymore. To make sure that nothing stands in the way of a perfect winter begin, a lot of work has been accomplished at the Eggli construction site. The first gondolas have arrived and open day at the construction site with lots of interested visitors was successfully carried out.
Published: 01. October 2019

Assembly of the Wooden Construction at the Valley Station

The elements for the wooden construction have been delivered to the valley station and are currently being assembled. Even laymen can slowly get an idea of what the final result will look like.
Published: 20. September 2019

Braiding Steel Cables

14 men were responsible for braiding wire ropes on the construction site this week. By splicing the wire rope, the two ends are connected to each other to form a continuous loop. The splice, which securely connects both of rope ends, is 62 meters long. The hauling cables consists of six strands of 36 wires each that are twisted to form a 52 mm diameter wire rope.
Published: 12. September 2019

Invitation to Visit the Eggli Construction Site

Everyone is invited to the open house on Saturday, October 12 from 10.30 am to 3.30 pm at the Eggli valley station. In addition to the employees of Bergbahnen Destination Gstaad AG, the construction engineer Clewi Haldi will also be there to answer any technical questions about the cable cars. Reichenbach Architekten Saanen will be there to answer questions regarding construction of the valley station and the new mountain house. It’s also possible to take a look at the plans and visualizations.
Published: 04. September 2019

Bird’s Eye View of the Construction Site

The aerial photographs depict a somewhat different view of the construction site. The work progress can clearly be seen on the following photographs.
Published: 28. August 2019

Stations Taking on Shape

There was a lot going on during the last few months at the Eggli construction site. The most progress was made with the valley and mountain top stations. Despite the warm summer temperatures a bit of anticipation for winter comes up as you look at these pictures.
Published: 24. July 2019

Spectacular Air Transports with the Kamov Helicopter

This week, the Kamov helicopter flew the support masts for the new gondola to the construction site and placed them in the right spot. The work took place between the Rüebeldorf valley station and Eggli. The impressive flights and manoeuvres not only inspired the construction workers, but many others as well.
Published: 12. July 2019

Start of Electromechanical Assembly

Assembly of the electromechanics has begun in the valley station and the final product, the gondola lift, can slowly be recognized. The deflection wheel is also already mounted. The supports will follow in the next few days.
Published: 04. July 2019

A Large Construction Site Requires a Large Amount of Material

The construction work continues on the Eggli. Buildings are slowly taking shape and the concrete pillar has been built, with no less than 80 tons of concrete.
Published: 18. June 2019

Progress Under Sunny Weather

Thanks to the sunny weather, working conditions on the mountain have improved considerably. Excavation of the mountain restaurant was completed on June 12th with the GPS/LPS excavator from the local company Addor. In the valley, assembly of the template for the supports is currently in work.
Published: 03. June 2019

Taking Care of Small Crawling Animals

Careful attention is also paid to the really small animals on the construction site. A fence was put up around a huge anthill to protect it from the big machines. Construction work on the foundation for the concrete pillars of the mountain station is well underway and the great weather makes it more fun to work and make progress.
Published: 24. May 2019

Material is Gradually Arriving on Site

The first roller batteries have arrived and they are almost as large as the old ones. It’s amazing how huge some of this material really is. Excavation for the first concrete pillars of the mountain station has also started.
Published: 16. May 2019

Spring is Taking its Time

Even though winter is not yet completely gone, material preparations are already fully underway. The foundation for the first mast has been dug. The new Eggli gondola has a total of 11 ropeway supports. In the Bartholet factory in Flums the setup of the valley and mountain station has started.
Published: 26. April 2019

Working High Up on the Mountain

Not only in the valley, but also on the Eggli, the construction work is well underway. Although the landscape still looks very wintry, a big effort is still being made in order to adhere to the construction schedule.
Published: 23. April 2019

Goodbye Eggli Cable Car

The dismantling of the old Eggli cable car already began in March. The masts have been taken down and the cable cars have been removed. The days of valley station will also soon be over, as the demolition work there is fully underway.
Published: 18. April 2019

The next new lift at the Eggli in the starting blocks

Winter sports fans can look forward to a new gondola lift at Skiwelt Gstaad in the coming season. The new Eggli lift commences operations next winter. The building regulations were approved last summer, the building permit for the gondola lift was granted in autumn, and now the BDG has also been given building permission for the mountain restaurant.