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Tour de Suisse 2021 - Stage location

Daily from 09.06.2021 - 10.06.2021
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  • Wednesday 09 June 2021
  • Thursday 10 June 2021

Return to Saanenland – Gstaad organises stage start and finish line in 2021.

After 3 years, the Tour de Suisse will be returning to Gstaad on that day. The entourage will start the next stage from Gstaad the following day.

By hosting the stage finish (9th June, airport Saanen) and the start on the following day (10th June, ice rink area Gstaad), the Saanenland is reconnecting with a long standing tradition. Gstaad hosted Tour de Suisse stages a total of six times before 2018 (1950/51/69/72/94/2018).

On 9th June a bike race for children takes place at the airport in Saanen. Further information is accessible below «Download». (will follow)

The whole «Tour de Suisse» 2021 takes place from 6th to 13th June.
Details are available below «Download». (will follow)

Event Locality
3780 Gstaad
OK Etappenort «Tour de Suisse 2021»
Mario Cairoli, OK Präsident
3780 Gstaad
Mobile: +41 79 703 07 38