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Helidon Xhixha

Daily from 16.02.2020 - 29.02.2020
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Artworks out of stainless steel by Helidon Xhixha can be admired along the Promenade in Gstaad.

Until the end of February 2020, visitors to the Saanenland can enjoy an exceptional art exhibition along the Gstaad Promenade. Since the Albanian artist, Helidon XhiXha
visited Gstaad for the first time three years ago, it has captured his heart, he says.
Exhibiting in Switzerland is not new to him as his monumental installations transformed the city of Lugano into an open-air museum in April 2019. «Reflections of light» lasted six months and had an amazing response from the visitors as it inspired deep emotions of harmony with the natural surroundings.

Helidon XhiXha is happy to have been given the rare opportunity to exhibit his works along the Gstaad Promenade and says: «The overwhelming natural beauty of Gstaad is just the perfect stage for my stainless steel artworks.» He is truly proud to exhibit his works against the backdrop of this amazing scenery. «Gstaad is rich in style and class, with numerous cultural and sporting events of international reputation making it a perfect destination for art collectors and art lovers.»

Position artworks:
• Adler
• «Kapälliplatz»
• Cappuccino
• Tourist office Gstaad
• Graff
• Hotel Gstaad Palace

Helidon XhiXha was born in Durrës (Albania) in 1970 into a family of artists. His vision and innovative technique translate into a monumental public art that redefines the relationship between sculpture and the surrounding environment, redrawing the
boundaries of contemporary sculpture. His most important exhibitions and projects include his participation in 2015 in the 56th Venice Biennale with Iceberg: a floating sculpture in stainless steel that sways in the waters of the Grand Canal which gives a
voice to the theme of global warming and its impact on the City of Venice, catalysing the attention of the public and the international press, followed by an exhibition at Milan Malpensa airport, a contemporary response to Leonardo Da Vinci’s. Last Supper and his participation in the first edition of the Design Biennale in London, where the artist was awarded the Public Medal for the best installation.
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Chaletbau Matti Architektur AG
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3780 Gstaad
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