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Gstaad Züglete

Sat, 04.09.2021

Experience a traditional event in the village of Gstaad, when the local farmers lead down their cows from the mountains and parade through the promenade.

In between the visitor has the possibility to enjoy the concert of the Menuhin Festival in the local chapel. In an interval of 30 to 60 minutes the «Züglete» will arrive in the village. It is a very authentic event, because man and cattle hike for hours together, before they reach the valley.

During the event there is a market, traditional demonstrations, tastings, several music performances; children will find a lot to discover too.

The official end of the event is at 4.30 pm and it takes place at the Hotel Gstaaderhof. Afterwards, visitors are invited to conclude the evening in the restaurants in the village.

The event will take place come rain or shine.

Event Locality
3780 Gstaad
Dorforganisation Gstaad
Promenade 41
3780 Gstaad
Tel.: +41 33 748 81 48