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Alpine festival on the alp «Haseloch»

Sun, 14.07.2019, 12:00 h
A traditional alpine festival takes place on the alp «Haseloch».

Food and beverages available, popular entertainment with:
from 12.00 am.: Örgeliformation «JEM-Grevire»
from 1.00 pm.: Jodlergruppe «Simmenfall»
from 8.00 pm.: Örgelifründe «Ritzgrat»

The event takes place in all weather conditions.

Signposted route, drive from Saanenmöser direction Hornberg/Kübelialp (see «Download»).
Price : Free entry
Event Locality
Haseloch, Chübeliweg 5
3777 Saanenmöser
Haseloch Suufsunntig
Annina & Armin Müllener
Tromweg 8
3780 Gstaad
Tel.: +41 79 461 33 60