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Yodel musical «uf immer und ewig»

Sat, 24.04.2021, 19:00 h
Yodel musical - the pure cultural experience
Launched as a novelty four years ago, the second production also easily meets what is expected from a musical. Enormous diversity of voices, paired with scenically fitting dance elements; «uf immer und ewig» definitely takes the audience into its possession.

The twelve performers complement each other perfectly, from powerful bass to bright-sounding tenor voices. Of course the selected songs and yodel melodies had to be adapted to the respective protagonists, but the people in charge succeeded very well. Quite a few premieres and fresh arrangements found their way to the audience, which inevitably lends the production additional colour. The multi-instrumentalist Simon Lüthi reached deep into his box of ideas. Thematically fitting songs, sensitively accompanied by the five-piece orchestra, clearly bear the signature of the Toggenburger in their melodies.
Event Locality
Simmental Arena
Lenkstrasse 21C
3770 Zweisimmen
Tel.: +41 33 729 88 60
Jodler Musical
Erwin Bertschy
Schwarzenseestrasse 20
1712 Tafers