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Alpine festival on the alp «Chüetungel» Lauenen

Sun, 04.08.2019, 13:00 h
Alpine festival on the alp «Chüetungel» with musical entertainment and outdoor bowling.

1 pm: worship service with priestess Kornelia Fritz
4 pm: presentation of the most beautiful cow of the alp

Musical entertainment and dance provided by the «Ländlerkapelle Sulzbuebe».

The alp is only accessible by foot following the hiking trail from Lauenensee - Chüetungel. The hike takes approximately 1 hour. The trail begins at the parking lot Lauenensee.
Event Locality
Alp Chüetungel
3782 Lauenen b. Gstaad
Chüetungel Suufsunntig
Amelia und Stephan Addor
Hinterseestrasse 64
3782 Lauenen