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Gstaad-Events Supporter

Gstaad Events Supporters are first and foremost huge enthusiasts of the region. The notion of sponsoring is foremost in their minds. With their annual contribution they opt not simply to sponsor a particular event, but to promote the entire spectrum of events held at Gstaad.

The event organisers and Gstaad Saanenland Tourismus thank all Gstaad-Events Supporters for their support.

Our Supporters

Company/Name Card Type
Adolf Krebs AG Gold Supporter
Matti Immobilien AG Gold Supporter
Notariat und Advokatur Matti & Matti Gold Supporter
Rudolf Maag Gold Supporter
Thoenen Bauunternehmung AG Gold Supporter
Thomas Widmann Gold Supporter
Viva Incentives Gold Supporter
Boutique Chopard Gold Supporter
Ruslan Rostovtsev Gold Supporter
UBS Switzerland AG Gold Supporter
G. Hauswirth Architekten AG Gold Supporter
ISP Electro Solutions AG Gold Supporter
Egger Ingenieure AG Gold Supporter
Elektrohuus von Allmen AG Gold Supporter
Hotel Bernerhof Gold Supporter
Hotel Gstaaderhof AG Gold Supporter
Hotel Kernen Gold Supporter
Jaggi & Partner AG Gold Supporter
Daniel & Davia Koetser Gold Supporter
Kropf Apotheke & Laboratorium Gold Supporter
Ludi AG Gold Supporter
R.S. De Luxe Food AG Gold Supporter
Raiffeisenbank Obersimmental-Saanenland Gold Supporter
Reichenbach Architekten AG Gold Supporter
Rieder Architektur AG Gold Supporter
Saanen Bank Gold Supporter
Wälti Luft & Klimatechnik AG Gold Supporter
HLLS Beratungen AG Gold Supporter
BEATUS Wellness- & Spa-Hotel Gold Supporter
ERMITAGE Wellness- & Spa-Hotel Gold Supporter
Schmid Früchte Gemüse & Getränke AG Gold Supporter
Drogerie von Grünigen AG Silver Supporter
Ribo Treuhand AG Silver Supporter
Benz Hauswirth AG Silver Supporter
Bieri AG Möbel + Innenausbau Silver Supporter
Burri Zimmerei & Chaletbau Silver Supporter
Chaletbau Annen AG Silver Supporter
Chaletbau Matti Architektur AG Silver Supporter
Chaletbau Matti Holzbau AG Silver Supporter
Haldi Design AG Silver Supporter
Hotel Arc-en-ciel AG Silver Supporter
Baumann Vermessungen AG Silver Supporter
Schuhhaus Romang Silver Supporter
Zimmerei & Chaletbau R.Perreten AG Silver Supporter
Bangerter Gartenbau AG Bronze Supporter
Bikesport Reuteler GmbH Bronze Supporter
Chaletbau Matti Architektur AG (14x) Bronze Supporter
Chaletbau Matti Holzbau AG (3x) Bronze Supporter
Gfeller Transporte AG Bronze Supporter
Roger Seifritz Bronze Supporter
Gstaad Saanenland Tourismus Bronze Supporter
H.U. Hauswirth AG Bronze Supporter
Leonz Blunschi Bronze Supporter
Markus & Stephanie Iseli Bronze Supporter
Matthias Brunner Bronze Supporter
Peter Schranz-Röthlisberger Bronze Supporter
Rieder Architektur AG (5x) Bronze Supporter
Typo Druck Rothen Bronze Supporter