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Gstaad Events Supporter

Gstaad boasts a unique diversity of events both as a resort and a destination. Nowhere else are you likely to find such a high concentration of stellar events in sports, music, art, and literature, along with customs and traditions designed to uphold the local heritage. Many of these events have existed for several decades and contributed hugely to the appeal of the region as a whole. The Gstaad Events Supporters’ Club was founded so this highly positive trend could continue. Be part o fit and join this community!


With an annual contribution you opt not simply to sponsor a particular event, but to promote the entire spectrum of events held at the Destination Gstaad. The major popular spectacles as well as the small intimate events benefit from your support and at the same time you contribute to the establlishment of new touristic events in the destination. With your contribution you are also involved locally as a member in a village organisation of your choice. Gone is the need for time-consuming decisions and piles of separate invoices for sponsoring individual events.

In return you’ll benefit from tickets in the best seats, VIP treatment, private concerts, and lots more…

Supporter Packages

There are 3 different Supporter Packages for you to choose from:

+ Add-On

  • CHF 1'500.– Transferable annual mountain railways subscription for the Destination Gstaad,
    incl. winter-parking-card BDG*
  • CHF 400.– Parking permit issued by the Saanen municipality, max. 2 hrs
  • CHF 140.– Swiss cross-country ski pass

All prices are per annual membership excl. VAT. Packages and Upgrades subject to change.

* maximum of 2 subscriptions and 2 parking permits per membership, without Glacier 3000.

Become a member of the Gstaad Events Supporters’ Community!

Get in touch with us. We’ll be happy to advise you! ... alternatively, fill out the agreement form directly online. We look forward to hearing from you.


Gstaad Saanenland Tourismus
Promenade 41
3780 Gstaad/Switzerland
T +41 33 748 81 81

Application form for events

All touristic events of the Destination Gstaad have the right to apply for an annual grant from the Gstaad-Events Supporter fond. Gstaad-Saanenland-Tourism appraises the submitted application forms on the basis of the fulfilled critiria and undertakes the payout.


Gstaad Events Supporters are first and foremost huge enthusiasts of the region. The notion of sponsoring is foremost in their minds. With their annual contribution they opt not simply to sponsor a particular event, but to promote the entire spectrum of events held at Gstaad.