Once again this spring, there is plenty to do, see and discover in Gstaad. The most outstanding attraction is its stunning natural environment in the heart of the Alps. Diverse events on the Wispile make the most of springtime in the mountains and are able to appreciate the region’s wide range of landscapes. And – because Gstaad is all about having a good time – you’re never far from a comfortable restaurant serving regional specialities.


Spring highlights

Spring has sprung ...

The Berghaus Wispile puts on a wide range of entertainment options in both spring and summer. This includes the chance to meet friendly animals at the petting zoo. And there are events that make the most of springtime in the mountains, such as Yoga on the Mountain, a superb blend of fun and relaxation with amazing panoramic views.

Trail running

Go running in a magical setting where the only sensations are the sound of your breathing and the natural energies round about. Trail running offers far more variety than does running on paved roads. The first routes are now accessible again, even if there is some leftover snow lying about in some places. Try one of our signposted routes!

Spring awakening

"May makes everything new" as the old song has it. And this is exactly what happens up in the mountains because here in May nature wakes up from its long winter sleep. It is now that the mountain spring begins and in sunny locations, such as in Turbach and Rellerligrat, you will soon see the first of the spring flowers.

"Eat fresh daisies in the spring and you’ll be safe from viruses all year round."

Erika Zumstein

Adventure and alpine diversity for families

With the summer stagings on the Wispile as well as on the Rinderberg, the destination will be creating new highlights – and this time the focus will be on our younger visitors and on families. The new playgrounds, adjacent to the comfortable mountain restaurants, are perfect places for discovery, play and relaxation. Further extensions are planned which will see the creation of adventure areas for young and old.

Hiking highlight Wispile-Lauenensee

The Wispile-Lauenensee hike

On this tour you will experience all the magic of hiking. The route takes you from the 1,900 metre high Wispile and then over the ridge and on to the renowned nature reserve at Lake Lauenen. Once there, you have a choice of refreshment options available to you. This hiking route strongly highlights the stunning beauty of the Alps. It features an incomparable panorama over the Saanenland and views of the region’s peaks that are over 3,000 metres high.

Activities on this hike

Fondueland Gstaad

Fondueland Gstaad is the perfect place to enjoy a tasty fondue while surrounded by mountainous natural beauty. In fact, it is here that the fresh air and the lush grasses and herbs in the meadows help to produce such excellent cheese.

Picnic while on the trail

A simple picnic never tastes better than on a hike. And it’s even better when you’re sampling the local delicacies. So do make the most of the wide variety of tasty treats on offer in the Saanenland.

Cool off in Lake Lauenen

Lake Lauenen in all its glory is set right in the middle of a nature reserve. It is an ideal destination for hikers, nature lovers and romantics.

Gastronomy offers on the Wispile

  • Berghaus Wispile
  • Alp-Beizli Vorderi Wispile
  • Fondue-Caquelon
  • Restaurant at the Lauenensee
  • Various restaurants in the village of Lauenen

Hiking highlight Horneggli-Rinderberg

The Horneggli-Rinderberg hike

A fantastic Alpine panorama awaits hikers on this trail. And along the way there are some amazing surprises in store for you. These include a wakeboarding facility on the Hornberg (in operation from June), children's playgrounds at 2,000 metres above sea level, and great mountain restaurants serving local treats. Then you can take the gondola to Zweisimmen. Or go by scooter – if you want to experience a fast downhill run.

Activities on this hike

Wakeboarding on the Hornberg reservoir

You can go wakeboarding from July to October on this reservoir, which serves as the storage lake for the Hornberg snowmaking system. It is Europe’s highest-altitude wakeboarding and water skiing facility.

Playground on the Rinderberg

A playground at 2,000 metres above sea level is a special feature in itself. The Rinderberg is not only a hiking paradise but also affords magnificent views as well as fun and games for the children.

Downhill scooter run on the Rinderberg

If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, you can hire a scooter at the Rinderberg middle station and go whizzing down the mountain at full speed ahead. These scooters are sturdily constructed, which makes them ideal for riding on the mountains. A fun-filled experience is guaranteed.

Gastronomy offers Horneggli – Rinderberg

  • Berghotel Hornberg
  • Hotel Restaurant Hornfluh
  • Bergrestaurant Rinderberg Spitz
  • Rinderberg Swiss Alpine Lodge
  • Various restaurants in Zweisimmen

Hiking highlight Via Alpina

The Via Alpina hike

It is proof of a tremendous achievement and a keepsake of your many experiences and impressions: the Via Alpina hiking passbook. You can earn 38 stamps featuring unique motifs over the 20 stages – one for each stage and Alpine pass as well as three special stamps. You’ll find the stamps in the stamp boxes at each stage. Once you have filled your passbook, you’ll receive a certificate.

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