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Already at the beginning of the 20th century, the destination Gstaad was known as a health resort because of the fresh mountain air. Today’s Golfhotel Les Hauts de Gstaad & Spa was opened in 1911 as one of the first health resorts. And the Hotel Solsana was a sanatorium for children with respiratory diseases. The fresh, clean mountain air and the tranquility of nature, even back then, attracted guests needing rest and relaxation. Not much has changed since then. With today’s top wellness hotels, only the infrastructure has been transformed – a great step forward. If you are looking to rest and wind down in Gstaad, then you are in the right place: from indoor to outdoor, active or relaxing activities.

Wellness Body and Mind

Wellness means relaxation – for both body and mind. The excellent spa facilities in the destination are set up for this: the baths, pools and saunas are guaranteed to help you relax. In addition to the classical offers, other ways to relax also await you. How about a whey bath?


Treatments, like massages for example, are the epitome of wellness and well-being besides bubbling water & co. There is nothing nicer than allowing yourself to be pampered after a tough day. Get your muscles get massaged and your feet feeling fine again after a hike – there are countless ways to be pampered. Find out about treatment offers directly on the homepage of the respective hotels.


Cosmetic treatments / manicure and pedicure

Active Rest

Active Rest and Wellbeing

Wellbeing is closely linked to being active. Hiking in summer – also barefoot – and skiing or hiking in winter. Fresh air is always good! Your wellbeing will also be consciously stimulated on the Alpine Herb Trail. After the active part comes the relaxing part in the spa.


Exercise, especially in the fresh air, has a strong influence on your own wellbeing. If you focus on your senses, you will pick up on the scents of nature or the chirping of the birds. Dreamlike landscapes and breathtaking views always accompany this relaxing experience.

Mountain Waters

People are particularly fascinated by water in summer. The cool mountain waters are ideal for a refreshing bath after a hot day. If this is too much, putting your feet in the babbling brook et voilà, the feel-good moment is here.


Who doesn’t know the invigorating feeling after an intensive sport session? With hiking, skiing and biking, the outdoors offers plenty of ways to exercise. Indoor opportunities exist as well. Modern indoor facilities can be found here, for example:

Forest Bathing

The soothing influence of the forest with intense scents and natural sounds is nothing new for nature lovers. But now with Shinrin Yoku, there is an offer that intensifies this experience: forest bathing in the Saanen Forest. This mindfulness practice has a long tradition in Japan. Curious?

Yoga, Tai Chi and Qi Gong

Slow yet still powerful movements combined. This is also a form of wellness. The world-famous violinist and founder of the musical festival that was named after him, Yehudi Menuhin, was a big yoga fan and brought the Indian teachings to the region decades ago. Even other forms of movement from the wide world have found their way into the destination.

Health and Nutrition

Fine food is part of a relaxing stay. It’s even better when natural products support your health. Unsaturated fatty acids, including Omega 3, can be found in alpine cheese. Herbs also grow in the alpine terrain and have numerous health benefits. If you actively want to get rid of unhealthy toxins, you should look into the detox offers of hotels in the destination.