Rustic alpine huts

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Rustic alpine huts

These traditional mountain restaurants offer a special type of hospitality. They radiate a charm all of their own with their unique Alpine location and often home-made delicacies. The many choices available range from simple offerings such as bread and cheese to gourmet steak and chips.

Alp Turnels Bissenstrasse 35, 3780 Gstaad
Turnels aussen
Alp Turnels takes place at 1900 meters height in the "washbasin" of Turnelsbachertals. The guests spend the night on mattresses in the hayloft over the cowshed. The fresh alpine air wakes the appetite for a substantial "Älplerzmorge" (alpine break...

Tel. +41 78 699 10 89
Alp vordere Wispile Alp vordere Wispile, 3780 Gstaad
Alp-Beizli vordere Wispile
Food offers: Bread and cheese, meringue and alpine cream, various mineral waters, wine and beer.Visit of the alpine cheese diary: daily from approx. 10 am to 12 noon.Overnight accommodation option: ‘Sleeping on Straw’.The alp is loc...

Tel. +41 79 695 29 53
Bergbeizli Site Alp Sparenmoosstrasse, 3770 Zweisimmen
Site Alp Sommer
Naturally, the Site Beizli special consists mainly of cheese – what else! We use our own farm produce whenever possible and serve simple but authentic home-cooked menus.The area around the Sparenmoos moorland is just as idyllic and delight...

Tel. +41 33 722 18 77   Mobile +41 76 424 64 43
Bergbeizli Stierentungel 3782 Lauenen
Bergbeizli Stierentungel Hauptbild
Tel. +41 79 441 66 17
Berggasthaus Stierenberg Seebergstrasse, 3770 Zweisimmen
Enjoy a genuine treat, far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, with delicious, hearty food cooked using regional produce, true to our motto of ‘simple – natural – cosy’. Restaurant for max. 30 people. Terrace for approx. 40 people.

Tel. +41 33 684 12 69
Hüsliberg Beizli Sparenmoos, 3770 Zweisimmen
Hüsliberg Beizli 1
Welcome to the Hüsliberg BeizliThe rustic alpine hut for hikers, mountain bikers and families; it is accessible on foot (by hiking trail) or by car (Zweisimmen, Sparenmoos, Hüsliberg Beizli).Seating capacity: 80 guests outdoors and 50 gues...

Tel. +41 33 722 14 56   Mobile +41 76 527 91 91
Rastplatz Gspan Gspan, 3778 Schönried
Picnic area with BBQ. Produce on sale at the self-service: drinks, air-dried meat, cooked beef sausages, beef salami, confectionery, home-made Saanen pretzels and sweet almonds.To reach the Gspan rest area, take the hiking trails...