What is your Gstaad personality type?

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Gstaad has so many facets and faces. Gstaad is always good for a surprise. Some 240 square kilometres in size, the Bernese Oberland has something for everyone. Customised from the simple to the simply stunning and from the natural to the naturally unique, a visit to Gstaad is absolutely worth every moment – in a nutshell, that is Gstaad. The Gstaad personality test will reveal what, when, where and who you are suited to. With us in Gstaad. The fun way to your dream holiday.

Nature Lover

Miles and miles, up hill and down dale, on foot, on skis or boards, on a bike. Self-sufficient nature-lover.



Always to be found where the music is playing, likes everything just so, loves luxury, keen shopper, enjoys a stroll, a real gourmet.


Chills and thrills

Is sports-minded, moves fast on bike or board, likes trekking, sleeping in the straw and a Saane-Gutsch beer.


Traditional fun

Loves tradition and nature, down-to-earth with a cheerful outlook, goes hiking often, or riding a bike.


More philosophical

Quietly watchful, marvels at all the wonders round about, likes to spend time alone, enjoys golfing and the sauna.