Sustainable Gstaad

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Intact nature preserved

Its intact nature is one of the hallmarks of the Destination Gstaad. The quality-of-life of local people and the experiences enjoyed by visitors are based on this core value. The Destination Gstaad respects the responsible handling of resources in order to preserve both.


Sustainability on the ski slopes

Together with the Swiss partner Climeworks, the mountain railways of the destination Gstaad is decreasing the difficult to avoid emissions resulting from skiing activities. Winter sports enthusiasts can drop off their KeyCard in one of the boxes at the valley station at the end of the day. For each CHF 5 deposit, Climeworks removes 5kg of CO2 from the air. This is done using a special technology called Direct Air Capture.

The mountain railways are committed to sustainability via different measures. On the roofs of the mountain restaurants La Videmanette and Eggli, as well as on the valley stations Saanersloch and Eggli for example, modern photovoltaic systems have been installed. Additionally, through GPS-supported snow grooming machines and ecological fuel for the snow grooming machines, further resources have been saved. The Ski Bus is also free for everyone – even for those without a ski ticket.

Heating with local wood

A closed CO2 cycle is possible thanks to the heating plants in Saanen and Gsteig. The heat is created through local, environmentally friendly energy sources. The wood used as fuel comes from the nearby forests. The CO2 emissions can thus be reduced by 8,745 tons a year in the Saanen-Gstaad central heating plant. In the heating plant Gsteig the reduction is 900 tons of CO2. With wood chip firing, 90-95% of the annual heating demand is covered with wood.

The power of water

Local hydropower is also used to generate ecological electricity. The Sanetsch hydroelectric power plant produces about 40 Gwh of clean renewable energy each year. This amount of electricity is enough for more than 8,000 households. Additionally, the small hydroelectric power plant in Lauenen covers another 1,000 households.

Sustainable Textile Care - Laundry Gstaad

The Laundry Gstaad was established by local hoteliers and is first cooperative laundry in Switzerland. The goal is and remains that all the hotel laundry is washed locally. The technology used by Laundry Gstaad is unique. The energy and total water consumption could be continually decreased over the last few years, thus protecting valuable resources. This effort was awarded the Watt d’Or in 2014 and the WRP Star in 2017 (award within the laundry industry) for the exemplary concept.