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The sponsorship activities run by the Destination Gstaad are focused on young, emerging as well as established sportspeople from the region who, at national and international competitions, represent Gstaad as brand ambassadors and so carry the name of Gstaad out to the world.

Lars Rösti, Ski racer

As a young and talented ski racer from St. Stephan Lars Rösti is the perfect ambassador for Gstaad as ski destination. Lars has further proven his talent in the winter season of 2018/19 by winning the gold medal in the downhill race at the junior world championships in Val di Fassa.


Noel von Grünigen, Ski racer

Noel von Grünigen, originally from Schönried, represents Gstaad since 2019 as a destination ambassador. Thereby he steps in great footprints of his father and former ski racer Mike von Grünigen.


Julie Trummer, Ski racer

As a young athlete from Feutersoey, Julie Trummer proudly represents her home region of Gstaad: "My home, the Saanenland, means a lot to me and thanks to its diversity, it is a recreation and training region all in one. It is a great pleasure for me to have the destination Gstaad as my partner".



618The Highlight for the Team Bühler & Brugger at the Destination of Gstaad:

"The renowned Ski+Yachting,organised by the Gstaad Yacht Club, is an absolute must for me each year. There’s always a great atmosphere and the party afterwards at the GreenGo Club at the Palace is a real blast!"