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The sponsorship activities run by Gstaad Saanenland Tourism are focused on young, emerging as well as established sportspeople from the region who, at national and international competitions, represent Gstaad as brand ambassadors and so carry the name of Gstaad out to the world.

Nathalie von Siebenthal, cross-country skiing

The Highlight for Nathalie von Siebenthal at the Destination of Gstaad:

"I just cannot wait to arrive home again after a long journey and some hard training. The route from Saanenmöser through Saanenland is always so beautiful with its nearby mountains, gorgeous countryside and the peace and quiet of nature. The final stretch just before I get home to Lauenen warms my heart and fills me with anticipation – for soon I’ll be spending time at home with my family, at home in Saanenland, and at home in paradise."

Curling Team CC Gstaad

The Highlight for the Curling Team Gstaad, Come up - slow down at the Destination of Gstaad:

"There is a great bad weather programme on offer at the Curling Hall in Gstaad. Fun while sliding and sweeping is guaranteed and if you have difficulties starting, we will personally assist you."

Simone Oehrli, Telemark

The Highlight for Simone Oehrli at the Destination of Gstaad:

"The paradisiacal natural environment in the Saanenland is the perfect place for me to escape the busyness of everyday life from time to time. For me the highlight is the walking trail from Lake Lauenen to the Geltenhütte. Past the waterfalls, across the small suspension bridge, through the magical middle section along the mountain stream, high up to the big Geltenschuss and then at the top by the waterfall and on to the Geltenhütte. Unique!"

Luca Cairoli, roadbike

The Highlight for Luca Cairoli at the Destination of Gstaad:

The "Tour de la reine sud" is an absolute dream route for every racing cyclist. The tour includes some of the region's most exciting passes - the Col du Pillon and the Col de la Croix. The uphill run from Yvorne to Lac Hongrin will tax every ounce of your strength. Between the three challenging ascents you can relax during the more racy downhills and on the slightly hilly stretches. Back in Gstaad you can enjoy some great coffee on the pleasant Gstaad Promenade.

Priscillia Annen, Skicross

The Highlight for Priscillia Annen at the Destination of Gstaad:

"A visit to Lake Lauenen. Lake Lauenen is one of my favourite places to relax, enjoy the natural surroundings and recharge my batteries. I grew up here and so I feel a special connection with this beautiful place of natural energy. One of the training routes that I love the most is where I run from Lake Lauenen up the Gelten and back in the early morning or after work when it is quiet."


The Highlight for the Team Bühler & Brugger at the Destination of Gstaad:

"The renowned Ski+Yachting,organised by the Gstaad Yacht Club, is an absolute must for me each year. There’s always a great atmosphere and the party afterwards at the GreenGo Club at the Palace is a real blast!"