International Schools

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International schools paved the way for Gstaad becoming a classic destination

International private schools play a key role in the history of Gstaad. International schools laid the cornerstone for Gstaad's reputation as a top-class destination.

Above all the " Institute Le Rosey" contributed in the early days to Gstaad's boom to becoming an internationally renowned holiday resort. Every winter since 1917 it has relocated its campus from Rolles on Lake Geneva to Gstaad where it holds also summer camps. The prestigious boarding school prepares its students for the International and French Baccalaureate exams.

In 1971, the "John F. Kennedy International School" opened its doors in Saanen. This school was originally set up as a children's home in 1950 and is now a day school or boarding school for 65 schoolchildren aged between 4 and 14 years under the management of a non-profit-making foundation.

Gstaad's Ambassadors Around the World

Over the years, generations of students, their families and teachers have become ambassadors of the elegant lifestyle of the Destination Gstaad and thus contributed to its excellent reputation around the world.Further information: