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Princesses and Kings learnt to ski with Bethli

Bethli Küng should have had an international career - she nearly had it all. As a top skier, she belonged as a young girl to the A division (senior squad) of the Swiss National Team and would have taken part in the 1968 Olympic Games in Grenoble if a femoral neck fracture hadn’t put an abrupt end to her promising racing career. Even though it took her a long time to get over the blow, she says today, she is reconciled to her fate. «The doctors put my bones back together perfectly. And I was able to meet very exciting people through my work as a qualified private ski instructor.» There’s no doubt about that. However Bethli Küng doesn’t want to reveal too much because discretion is one of the highly regarded key values of destination Gstaad. Nevertheless she is proud of the fact that for decades she has accompanied big names, totally privately, from Saanersloch to Horneggli to Rinderberg. For example, she brought Ex-King Constantine II of Greece and his wife Anne-Marie safely down the mogul slopes or practised the first stem turn with the children of the Spanish royal family, and with whom she is still friends today, on the sun-kissed Rellerli. For a year now this now 71 year old resident of Saanen is only encountered on the slopes with her regular guests. Yet, doing nothing is unthinkable for the busy ski instructor and former cantonal and village politician. Bethli Küng dedicates her free time to things that keep her heart and soul fit: gymnastics and yodelling.

Bethlis Pleasure Tip

Bethli Küng can regularly be found in Hansueli Kübli’s Bergrestaurant Hornberg, either privately or with her prominent students. If you ski down the route from Saanersloch via Chaltebrunnen until St. Stephan, stop by the extremely cosy «Chemistube», where André and Mariette Kohli serve homemade specialities. Two things may catch your eye: the handwritten menu card embellished with drawings and the wonderful view from the terrace.

Bethlis Wedel Tip

If she’s not out and about with celebrities, Bethli Küng likes weaving down the slopes of Horneggli. With 105 kilometres of slopes, Schönried’s friendly local mountain provides access to the largest ski area in the Destination Gstaad. «From Saanersloch to Chaltebrunnen and Rinderberg – there is something here for every level», says the very experienced private ski instructor.

Bethlis Fun Tip

Bethli Küng also has a tip for the boys: the Playground Snowpark above Saanenmöser, with its rails, kickers, boxes and the new wooden elements is good fun with a well-balanced shot of adrenaline. This year the enjoyment for snowboarders and freeskiers is almost twice as much from the very first minute, because with the new Wild-Side at the mountain station Hornberg the action starts right away.

Bethlis Family Tip

No spot is too small to be your own ski area. Bethli recommends the Ski lift Lauenen for the youngest. The starting conditions here are ideal for the first ski or snowboard curves. The family-friendly slope is totally geared towards the little ones, if there is enough snow a mini fun-park is waiting for you.
Young talents can’t go fast enough on the special racetrack with timing – first experience of success included.