The winter-type quiz

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Tracks in the snow

In Gstaad, you never know who's behind the ski goggles. The ski region is as diverse as its visitors. Whether skiing or winter hiking, winter biking or sleeping in an igloo, shooting rides or pit stops on terraces: Gstaad has something for everyone. This winter-type quiz reveals when and where you can best get into to your stride in Gstaad.

Early bird with day ticket

On the planks at sunrise, knows all the slopes, likes things sportily-efficient, rarely falls, at most a few "short" ones after the last descent.

«Carpe diem»-Experience:

Adventurous party animal

Preferably flies through deep snow, tours on skis and through the bars as well, loves adventure and likes 'Kafi Güx' (coffee with schnapps) and drinks on the rocks.

Entertainment experience:

Sun lover

Is only in the mountains when it's good weather, likes to relax in comfort and with style, likes wellness as well as social gatherings and chatting on and beside the snow.

Sunny experience:


Prefers to train the palate rather than the calves, enjoys good entertainment with a classy ambience, ejoys chilling and attaches great importance to local tradition with a pinch of innovation.

Taste experience:

Nature lover

Enjoys looking at mountains and valleys, long runs and rambles, enjoys the loneliness and tranquility of nature, eats and has saunas, both preferably organic, has a green conscience.

Nature experience: