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Ice-cold Hawaii dreams

Spend the night in an igloo under millions of sparkling stars and surrounded by snow-covered mountains – guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience. Formed by professionals year after year on the Saanerslochgrat with a lot of «Eis und Schweiss» - ice and perspiration. Pointy, round, square or oval: giant, inflated balloons in all shapes pile up in the winter sky at the beginning of December on the Saanerslochgrat. Manager of the Gstaad Igloo village, Marius Mosimann, and his team of 15 spend two weeks with snow blowers and a lot of muscle power working continuously from the time they start constructing. Year after year they build a hotel complex made of snow and ice high above Saanenmöser at an altitude of almost 2,000 metres: the Gstaad Igloo Village. On average, until the start of spring around 1,500 winter guests from all over the world spend the night here. From a restaurant to different categories of hotel rooms to the wellness area and a hotel bar – everything is available in this snow and ice village of almost 400 square metres.

Breathtaking times on the mountains
In the different sized igloos, connected to each other by illuminated corridors, the temperature ranges between +5 and -5 degrees: exactly a classic refrigerator climate. In the twilight, when the skiers have left the mountain and silence returns there is a special atmosphere. The breathtaking view of the surrounding mountain panorama now belongs to the igloo guests alone. After eating fondue together, a guide takes you on a romantic snowshoe hike. Those who want to warm up before going to bed will find the Kota, a Finnish wooden hut, the correct place to be. The evening ends sitting cosily around the warm fireplace.

For romantics
Hot music and warming drinks at the igloo bar and the wellness experience with sauna and whirlpool warm the guests up nicely before they slip into their expedition sleeping bags. Every year there are new subjects to admire in the ice gallery, this year the rooms decorated by international snow artists are dedicated to Hawaii. Hula dancers and palm trees are guaranteed. You don’t even have to go without flowers in the Igloo Hotel. In the romantic suites there are two red roses encased in ice blocks. When that doesn’t warm your heart, then nothing will.

This is how the igloo village is created

1. In summer, the area will be marked out and the layout drawn up, At the start of December, 1,500 tons of snow will be cleared.
2. The differently shaped balloons made of welded tarpaulins are inflated, grouped and fixed with iron rods so that later they don’t slip under the heavy mass of snow.
3.The ballons are covered with a one to three metre thick layer of snow using snow blowers and muscle strength - after one night it is fixed.
4. Next morning the air is let out of the balloons. A corridor connects the finished igloos. As soon as the interiors are finished the guests can come.

Iglu-Dorf Gstaad