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salt-water spa equals happiness

Romance is in the air: in the light of the evening sun immerse yourself in a soothing salt-water pool in the open air and then sit back and spot the first stars together. This is possible at the ERMITAGE Wellness & Spa Hotel Schönried even with wintry temperatures. At 1,261 metres above sea level the Alpine indoor and outdoor salt-water pool at a pleasantly warm 35 degrees Celcius invites you experience deep relaxation.

Heiner Lutz and Laurenz Schmid wanted to offer their guests «something special and unique» when they newly acquired the Hotel Ermitage-Golf more than 40 years ago. In 1979 the two ‘Basler’ opened in Schönried the first Swiss indoor and outdoor salt-water pool in the Alps, thus paving the way for the ‘wellness’ movement in the Swiss hotel industry. In the early years the hotel was modest – 18 rooms, only 6 of them with en-suites – but has grown over the decades into a veritable 5-star Alpine Wellness oasis: in an area measuring 3,500 square metres – including a unique water world of 320 square metres, where everything revolves around healthy H2O – guests have access to a heated outdoor pool, the outdoor and indoor salt-water pool, ten different saunas and steam baths, a spa area with treatment rooms for massages, body and facial treatments as well as a fitness room. The success story began with the salt-water pool: it allows guests to comfortably enjoy warm bubbles under a starry sky, even in the cold and snow. However, bathing in warm salt water doesn’t only promise gentle relaxation. It is impossible to imagine a wellness area without natural brine, due to its purifying and health-promoting effect. «In sale salus», in salt lies salvation: a salt-water bath dissolves harmful substances from the skin, promotes blood circulation and alleviates muscle and respiratory problems. So, jumping into the salty fountain of youth is a holistic experience for the guests. Wellness as a practised philosophy, that was always the central concern of the two «feel-good pioneers» Lutz and Schmid. Wellness does not only refer to facilities and treatments it also has an «atmospheric component» which should be perceptible to those seeking relaxation from check-in until their departure.

Ermitage Wellness- & Spa-Hotel *****
Dorfstrasse 46, 3778 Gstaad-Schönried
T +41 33 748 04 30