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A tasty tour – from tavern to tavern

Skiing gives you an appetite. If you have just completed two or three hours of snow sport you not only feel it in your legs, you also need a break. It’s not only the hills, curves or traverses which make the slopes attractive but also the finer things in life. In Gstaad and surrounding areas the enjoyment factor is of major importance, specialities with local ingredients are still served here. They taste miles better.

From the region: the best for your soul

Creative, nutritional and regional cuisine is very topical these days. However these terms are not necessarily associated with the food served in ski resorts. The fact that traditional specialities and culinary demands do not have to contradict each other is evident when you visit the  «Bergrestaurant Kübelialp ob Saanenmöser». Under the aegis of Adrian Walker the team at Rinderberg offer carefully prepared dishes. The restaurant obtains its fresh produce from local farmers in the area. Guests can also try their hand by taking part in an enjoyable group cooking course. Everyone will get a taste for what fine products Gstaad and its surroundings offer.

Bergrestaurant Kubelialp
Chübeliweg, 3777 Saanenmöser
T +41 33 744 98 98
M +41 79 859 35 31

Next stop: Bergrestaurant Horneggli

Why search miles away when the best is just around the corner? The Bergrestaurant Horneggli is so to speak the logical stop at the top of the mountain: for hungry ski and snowboarders who are warmly welcomed. The cosy and newly renovated chalet is 180 years old and has an inviting terrace. And correspondingly wholesome food is on the menu: Älpler macaroni, rib of beef, Flammkuchen (tarte flambée), pork Cordon Bleu filled with Schönriederli (local cheese), ham and pear, a mid-afternoon mixed platter or fruit pies. Vitamin D from the natural sunlight is free of charge. The Bergrestaurant Rinderberg-Spitz also serves good down-to-earth, regional and reasonably priced meals, there’s even a separate kids’ menu. In the Bergrestaurant Saanerslochgrat you can make yourself comfortable on the terrace and in the tavern. It has easy-going self-service – you fetch the delicious food yourself.

Bergrestaurant Horneggli
3778 Schönried
T +41 33 744 27 57

In Pasatiempo time flies

The day’s skiing comes to an end, the sun is low and the snow-covered peaks are bathed in shining pink and gold. What could be more beautiful than enjoying the «grand finale», the sunset, on what is reputed to be the most beautiful terrace in the destination Gstaad? Just below the Saanersloch mountain station you are not only treated to a wonderful view, but also have the opportunity  to get your tired limbs into action again with food and drink. How about a coffee? With «Güx» (schnapps) or without? A sweet snack or something salty? The cosy chalet bar on the slopes caters to the different needs of the guests for a relaxed atmosphere and good entertainment. Whether great-tasting drinks, experiencing nature, enjoying music or freestyle action, at Pasatiempo the motto is: «It’s all in the mix».

Saanerslochgrat – Hornberg
3777 Saanenmöser
T +41 79 777 85 63