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The GSTAAD AUTHENTIQUE label acts as a guarantor for the high quality of the products manufactured in the Saanenland and neighbouring regions. It helps to preserve the traditional production processes and thus plays a significant role in ensuring the sustainable further development of the subalpine region around Gstaad. 

GSTAAD AUTHENTIQUE products are manufactured in an environmentally friendly way that is in prefect harmony with nature and with the greatest care. They reflect the great variety of local products from the Saanenland. Healthy and delicious, they are hard to resist. Raw materials and ingredients are sourced in harmony with nature and, wherever possible, from local producers. Therefore, they have three main characteristics:

  • Highest quality
  • Manufactured on the basis of sustainable processes and natural ingredients 
  • The added value stays in the region, thus helping to preserve local culture and traditions

The Producers

Farmers, traditional tradespeople, certified bakeries and butchers' shops – all of them are GSTAAD AUTHENTIQUE producers in the Saanenland and neighbouring regions. They are enthusiastic about manufacturing according to the criteria which the stringent GSTAAD AUTHENTIQUE label stipulates. The diversity and high quality are based on a long-standing tradition, extensive knowledge and a great responsibility towards people and nature. Passion and love are the perfect ingredients for unsurpassed products.

The Partners

The GSTAAD AUTHENTIQUE partners – restaurants, hotels and local retailers – are staunch ambassadors of products from the region of Gstaad-Saanenland. Visitors, consumers and connoisseurs can regularly discover new unique GSTAAD AUTHENTIQUE products at the aforementioned establishments.

GSTAAD AUTHENTIQUE products are a perfect gift or holiday souvenir.

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