Come up, slow down

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Unwind instead of non-stop action

In the early days, guests used to vacation for several weeks at a time in Gstaad: they went for walks and played tennis. They wore white, for elegance rather than for sporting reasons, their faces were tanned and they laughed in a carefree way. Or they skied and in the evening enjoyed the international clientele in the stylish restaurants and lively bars. Fortunately everything has remained the same today.

Of course, Gstaad has also moved with the times, so that the village also offers all today's modern amenities. And yet the special quality of life that the microcosm of Gstaad radiates has been preserved right up to the present day. It is the attitude of the bon viveurs of bygone days. At a time when places like Gstaad were hideaways for people seeking rest and relaxation and for entire families from London to New York. These visitors discovered a new, peaceful and fun-loving world that has remained intact even up to today.

Wellness and Beauty

Unwinding off the slopes, mountain trails, tennis courts and golf courses. Seven specialist spa &and wellness hotels and the Gstaad Sports Centre are ready and waiting to look after visitors' well-being. Ten other places also have spa and wellness facilities and offer relevant services. The Wellness& Spa Hotel Ermitage in Schönried is even a "wellness pioneer": the very first indoor and outdoor brine pools in Switzerland opened here in 1979.

Chalets and Genuine Alpine Villages

You can still find them here – genuine Alpine villages. Chalets are a hallmark of the Saanenland. Their rich ornamentation, flower decorations in summer and dusting of snow in winter makes these villages feel homely. You'll feel that you've come home when you sit in front of the crackling fire in the snug, warm chalet and watch the snowflakes dancing outside of the window. Perhaps it is this harmony that has attracted so many families to Gstaad for many generations.

Can do, but don't have to

200 kilometres of ski runs and the only glacier region in the Bernese Oberland. Freeride ski area and innumerable ski-touring routes. 180 kilometres of cross-country trails, 6 tobogganing runs and 185 kilometres of winter hiking routes. 300 kilometres of summer hiking routes, a biking region par excellence and golf in the nature reserve. While this is remarkable, it's not unique. Rather your approach to starting and ending every day in Gstaad. And the feeling that you can do everything, but that you don't have to do anything to have a great day.


Top Events Without Affectation

Even the events – whether sporting or cultural – are understated in Gstaad. The prestigious Swiss Open Gstaad, for instance, the" Wimbledon of the Alps", has exuded a serene sovereignty since 1915 – rather like Gstaad itself. People don't shout about the attractions here". What counts is friendly enjoyment without affectation. And so often it's cow bells that ring out in public, in place of trumpets being blown! Come up, slow down.