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Gstaad: Where creativity develops in a relaxed manner

A successful event needs three ingredients: room for ideas, beds for the night, food and drinks for the invited guests. In the destination these three ingredients are available year-round. And that in an incomparable range for every taste and requirement: from the rustic alpine hut to the luxury hotel. What happens, if you have a hard time deciding with such a selection? Then you can combine various elements as you wish – and your guests will be amazed at whatever place you choose. Don’t miss the opportunity to take a short break and allow nature to inspire and slow you down.


Specialiced Hotels

The Destination Gstaad has specialist hotels for meetings and incentives, which have modern, well-equipped seminar rooms and excellent technical facilities. They also offer the full spectrum of services for this purpose.


The venues in Gstaad are as diverse as the destination itself. From converted, cosily appointed barns to luxury hotel ballrooms, the Saanenland offers every type of premises.


The premises available for seminars and events all have state-of-the-art technology, no matter how high your requirement standards are. But outside, beyond the doorstep, things are a little different. The world out there is still offline. After all, our region has remained genuinely authentic. Which is why, in Gstaad, you’ll find that incomparable blend of luxury, but also lots of tradition.

Top Events Without Affectation

Even the events – whether sporting or cultural – are understated in Gstaad. The prestigious Swiss Open Gstaad, for instance, the" Wimbledon of the Alps", has exuded a serene sovereignty since 1915 – rather like Gstaad itself. People don't shout about the attractions here". What counts is friendly enjoyment without affectation. And so often it's cow bells that ring out in public, in place of trumpets being blown! Come up, slow down.

Wide Programme of Events

Seven hotels in Gstaad have complete spa and wellness facilities. Ten other hotels in the region, as well as the sports centre, offer some spa and wellness facilities. The traffic-free promenade, the many readily accessible tourist attractions, like the expansive bike and hiking route network and a wide range of leisure activities, promise fantastic holidays in the region. More than 100 restaurants – from simple "snack bars" to award-winning gourmet restaurants – and an international event agenda are a reliable guarantee that your business events will become unforgettable experiences here.

Your event in the Destination Gstaad

Enquiries and Information

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