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In spite of its wealth of tourist facilities, the Destination Gstaad has retained its Alpine authenticity. There are 200 farms, 80 working Alpine pastures and around 7,000 cows. Alpine traditions are lived and breathed and local produce as well as craftsmanship are very popular. Cattle breeding, milk and meat production are the three mainstays of Alpine farming. Local farmers appreciate people taking an interest in their work, which is essential in ensuring that nature remains intact.

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Show dairy - cheesemaking over an open fire

Alpine Cheese Dairy Tours

Älplerzmorge, cheese production, whey baths or mountain food – the diversity of culinary experiences to be had on the mountains in the Destination Gstaad is huge. An overview - by no means exhaustive!

Alp Amenity Directions Contact
Vorder Eggli, Saanen Älplerzmorge, Tour of cheese dairy* By car from Saanen/Rübeldorf to Chalberhöni and dirt road to the Alp. Hiking trails also lead there. Location Bruno und Mirjam Signer-Wehren
+41 79 380 73 05
+41 79 257 22 76
Bodme, Gstaad Tour of cheese dairy* Take the Wispile gondola to the middle station, then 10 minutes on foot. Or head for Berghaus Wispile and then follow the Cheese Trail to the Alp, around 1 hour on foot, Location Dominik Matti
+41 79 406 97 39
Vordere Wispile, Gstaad Tour of cheese dairy* Take the Wispile gondola to the Wispile top station, then 45 minutes on foot Location Hans Hefti
+41 79 695 29 53
Hintere Wispile, Gstaad Tour of cheese dairy* Take the Wispile gondola to the Wispile top station, then approx. 45 minutes by foot Location Helmut Matti
+41 078 843 73 82
Turnels, Turbach Älplerzmorge, Bathing in fresh whey, sleeping in straw barn, direct sale of air-dried meat and Alpine cheese Starting at the Wasserngrat railway valley station, after 100 m turn right into a small road. This road leads through the valley up to the Alp. After walking for an hour and a half you will reach the Alp at 1900 m above sea level between Wasserngrat and Giferspitz. Location Jakob Zumstein
+41 79 635 96 87
Beust, Saanen Tour of cheese dairy*, Direct sale of Alpine and Hobelkäse, possibility to sleep By car from Saanen/Rübeldorf ito Chalberhöni, then continue on hiking trails and mountain baths into the Chalberhöni valley; turn right towards the Alp at the Restaurant Waldmatte, Location Willi Bach
+41 79 330 86 28
Walig, Feutersoey Tour of cheese dairy*, Direct sale of Alpine cheese, cow leasing, Location Walo Perreten
+41 33 755 11 31
+41 33 755 13 18
+41 79 341 86 33
Site Alp, Zweisimmen Demonstration dairy, Group events By car or post bus from Zweisimmen to Sparenmoosstrasse approx. 7 km, turning to the Alp is signposted on the right, then continue along a new road for 500 metres, Location Nadja & Simon Santschi
+41 33 722 18 77
Wildeneggberg; Zweisimmen Zvieri on the Alp, Ruth Trachsel's "Taterechueche" (Saanen speciality), Overnight in a straw barn with evening meals and breakfast By car as far as Saanenmöser, then continue along mountain paths to the Alp. Location Viktor und Ruth Trachsel
+41 79 441 27 83

The tours are only offered in the summer.
* Cheese production daily from 9.00 to 11.00 am.
** Cheese production daily from 10.30 to 12.00 am.
*** each Wednesday, only on registration

Language Lesson Vocabulix

To learn the most important regional terms already before the arrival, Vocabulix and Gstaad Saanenland Tourism invented a language lesson with typical topics of the destination Gstaad. The lesson is available in English, German, Spanish, French and Italian.