Group accommodation

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The Destination Gstaad has more than 30 group/club houses and holiday camp accommodation with over 2000 guest beds. This type of accommodation is usually simple and expedient and thus also "cheap and cheerful".

Berggasthaus Stierenberg Seebergstrasse, 3770 Zweisimmen
today closed
Located in a beautiful mountain scenery near the lake "Seebergsee". With countless circular hikes. The restaurant is situated in walking distance of one hour from the parking Meienberg.FacilitiesSleeping bag required, pillows an...

Tel. +41 33 684 12 69
Berghotel Hornberg Hornbergstrasse 43, 3777 Saanenmöser
today closed
Berghotel Hornberg
In the heart of the large ski- and hiking region of Saanenmöser/Schönried. In summer accessible over the asphalted street, in winter by cable car in 20 minutes.FacilitiesBed linen provided, dormitories with bunk beds, some doubl...

Tel. +41 33 744 13 65   Mobile +41 79 311 19 25
Bergrestaurant Kübeli Chübeliweg, 3777 Saanenmöser
today closed
Bergrestaurant Kübeli
Open for your holidays!FacilitiesSleeping bag required, terrace, restaurantSituationQuiet locationCateringHalf-board Number of beds67Room devision- 2 x ...

Tel. +41 33 744 98 98   Mobile +41 79 479 38 66
Bümplizerhuus Hornbergstrasse 25, 3777 Saanenmöser
today closed
Aussenansicht Sommer (1)
Well equipped group accommodation next to the middle station Saanersloch. Suitable for ski and school camps. May only be rented as a whole unit. In winter only accessible by cable car.FacilitiesSleeping bag required, bunk beds, ...

Tel. +41 31 991 52 25
Chalet Saanenwald Hornbergstrasse , 3777 Saanenmöser
today closed
Chalet Saanenwald
Ideal accommodation for holiday camps. 80 m away from the middle station Saanersloch.FacilitiesSleeping bag required, bunk beds, shared shower and toilet, terrace, chimney, lounge, store room for skis and sports gear, parking&nb...

Clubhaus "Spitz" Skiclub Weyermatt Alte Saanenmöserstrasse 2, 3776 Oeschseite
today closed
Clubhaus Spitz Winter
The ski and holiday house of the Weyermatt Ski Club is situated in the heart of the wonderful skiing and hiking region of Zweisimmen/Schönried and close to the picturesque hamlet of Oeschseite.FacilitiesSleeping bag required, bu...

Tel. +41 33 335 30 63   Mobile +41 78 897 55 71
Clubhaus Rüeblihorn Lätzgüetliweg 7, 3777 Saanenmöser
today closed
The accommodation is situated in the middle of the large ski- and hiking region of Saanenmöser. Car access only when cable cars are closed.FacilitiesSleeping bag required, shared shower and toilet, terrace, lounge, store roo...

Feriendörfli Stöckli Gandlauenenstrasse 20, 3772 St. Stephan
today closed
Feriendörfli Stöckli
The accommodation consists of several small wooden huts. About 9 walking minutes from the MOB station (Stöckli/Ried).FacilitiesSleeping bag required, bunk beds, shared shower and toilet, lounge, conference room, store room for s...

Tel. +41 33 722 42 23   Mobile +41 79 245 80 21
Ferienhaus Alpenblick Alpenblickstrasse 15, 3780 Gstaad
today closed
The perfect place for individual guests, families, schools, associations, winter sports enthusiasts, tired hikers and soaked bikers.FacilitiesBed linen provided, bunk beds, shared shower and toilet, terrace, lounge, conference r...

Tel. +41 33 744 18 14
Ferienhaus Waldmatte Oeschseitenstrasse 10, 3776 Oeschseite
today closed
Ferienhaus Waldmatte
The holiday house is situated in a quiet location without much traffic, yet easily accessibly location in Oeschseite between Zweisimmen and Gstaad. Accessible by train (station at 150 m from the house), by car (large car park), by bike (located on...

Tel. +41 33 722 15 25   Mobile +41 79 548 60 73
Ferienheim Buebebärg Hubelstrasse 83, 3778 Schönried
today closed
Ferienheim Buebebärg 1
Ideal for ski and school camps. Well-equipped kitchen.FacilitiesAvailable bed linen, sleeping bag not allowed, shared shower and toilet, lounge, store room for skis and sports gear, telephone, internet, manned, parking spaces av...

Tel. +41 31 332 13 09
Ferienheim Heitimatte Ferienheim Heitimatte, 3785 Gsteig
today closed
Ferienheim Heitimatte
Splendid log-built chalet on stone foundations. Detached property, at the entrance to the village of Gsteig. Quiet, sunny location.FacilitiesSleeping bag required, bed linen available for an extra fee, bunk beds, shared shower a...

Ferienheim Länggass Simneweg 4, 3777 Saanenmöser
today closed
Ferienheim Länggass 1
Ideal group accommodation for ski, holiday and school camps. Lots of space for games and activities.FacilitiesBed linen provided, sleeping bag not allowed, shared shower and toilet, lounge, store room for skis and sports gear, t...

Ferienheim Region Fraubrunnen Erliweg 5, 3778 Schönried
today closed
Ferienheim Amt Fraubrunnen 1
Ideal location for interesting holiday and school camps, company events, seminars or outings with an association or club. Very quiet location with beautiful view over the Saanenland and cordial hospitality.FacilitiesBed linen pr...

Tel. +41 31 371 81 31   Mobile +41 77 498 52 76
Ferienlager Eggli, Saanen Oeyetliweg 26, 3792 Saanen
today closed
Ferienlager Eggli 4
Located between Gstaad and Saanen, on the river "Saane".FacilitiesSleeping bag required, bunk beds, shared shower and toilet, lounge, conference room, store room for skis and sports gear, TV, internet, parking spaces availa...

Ferienlager Gemeinde Lauenen Kirchstrasse 21, 3782 Lauenen
today closed
Centrally located self-catering accommodation. Ideal for cycling clubs, soccer clubs, ski camps and many more.FacilitiesSleeping bag required, bunk beds, shared shower and toilet, lounge, store room for skis and sports gear, tel...

Tel. +41 33 765 30 15
Ferienlager Musikhaus Zweisimmen GmbH Untere Tüllstrasse 2, 3770 Zweisimmen
today closed
Ferienlager Musikhaus Zweisimmen
Good facilities for ski-, school-, soccer- or music camps (a music room is available free of charge). Centrally located group accommodation, train station and mountain railways in approx. 5 minutes walking distance. 12-bed-apartment suitable for f...

Tel. +41 33 722 21 88   Mobile +41 76 497 46 99
Gässlihof Gässli 23, 3784 Feutersoey
today closed
Gässlihof 8
This cosy accommodation is located in the farm's old, renovated barn. The romantic double and shared rooms are ideally suited for smaller groups such as family meetings, company outings or small seminars. Beautiful rustic-style "Stube" as a recrea...

Tel. +41 33 755 14 75   Mobile +41 79 656 78 75
Gruppenhaus Restaurant Waldmatte Chalberhönistrasse 88, 3792 Saanen
today closed
Waldmatte Chalberhöni
This mountain restaurant welcomes families and offers accommodation in private rooms or dormitories. It is accessible by private car.FacilitiesBunk beds (sleeping bag required in the dormitory), shared shower and toilet, te...

Tel. +41 33 744 25 84
Gwatt Holiday Camp Lenkstrasse 5, 3770 Zweisimmen
today closed

Well established underground accommodation with modern kitchen. FacilitiesSleeping bag required, bunk beds, lounge, store room for skis and sports gear, telephone, restaurants nearby, manned, parking spaces available, suitable f...

Tel. +41 33 729 88 67   Mobile +41 79 418 29 59
Hostel Sternen Lenkstrasse 14, 3770 Zweisimmen
today closed
Hostel Sternen
Hostel is situated in a central location, near to the cable car Zweisimmen-Rinderberg with ski slope at your doorstep.FacilitiesBed linen provided, shower and toilet in every room, terrace/balcony, TV, internet, restaurants near...

Tel. +41 33 729 80 80   Mobile +41 79 729 90 90
Hotel Restaurant Hornfluh Hornbergstarsse 45, 3777 Saanenmöser
today closed
Hotel Restaurant Hornfluh 1
The hotel Hornfluh known for its rustical and homey kitchen is situated on 1811 meters altitude.FacilitiesDormitories with bunk beds and shared shower and toilet, double rooms with shower/toilet, 3- & 4-bed rooms with shared...

Tel. +41 33 748 84 84
Lovell Mountain Lodge Hubelstrasse 88, 3778 Schönried
today closed
Mountain Lodge
The Lodge is equipped with a number of comfortable rooms sleeping two, three or four persons as well as two group rooms sleeping 10. All rooms are equipped with en-suite facilities. During the winter the Lodge is a short drive or walk away from th...

Tel. +41 33 744 25 35
Münsinger Ferienheim Zügelweg 4 , 3777 Saanenmöser
today closed
Ferienheim Essraum
Situated in the heart of the ski- and hiking area of Saanenmöser/Schönried. Ideal for ski and summer camps, country retreats as well as club and family events. Available on a weekly basis or for weekends. Good facilities for games and fun in and a...

Tel. +41 31 724 52 31
Pfadfinderheim Kuonolf Waldmatte 95, 3778 Schönried
today closed
Pfadfinderheim Kuonolf 1
Accommodation close to the ski area, suitable for courses, ski and school camps.FacilitiesSleeping bag required, bunk beds, shared shower and toilet, terrace, chimney, lounge, store room for skis and sports gear, telephone, park...

Tel. +41 31 711 49 06   Mobile +41 79 372 34 71
Rinderberghütte 3770 Zweisimmen
today closed
Group accommodation for up to 44 persons on the summit of the Rinderberg. Quiet and sunny located with a panoramic view of the mountain tops. Next to the cable car station Rinderberg. Ideal for ski, summer and holiday camps.Facilities

Tel. +41 31 320 59 20
Skihaus Lengebrand Gandlauenenstrasse 20, 3772 St. Stephan
today closed
The self-catering accommodation is located at the valley station of the chairlift Lengebrand-Parwengesattel.FacilitiesSleeping bag required (bed linen available for group leader's rooms), bunk beds, shared shower and toilet, ter...

Tel. +41 33 722 42 23   Mobile +41 79 245 80 21
Sport Lodge (Sportzentrum Gstaad AG) Sportzentrumstrasse 5, 3780 Gstaad
today closed
Sportzentrum Gstaad AG
Both chalets are situated near to the city centre of Gstaad and directly next to the sports centre of Gstaad. The chalets can accomodate a total of 180 persons. FacilitiesBed linen provided, every room with shower and toilet,...

Tel. +41 33 748 80 90
Touristenunterkunft alte Schule Gsteig Gsteigstrasse 9, 3785 Gsteig
today closed
Touristenunterkunft alte Schule Gsteig 6
"Closed until further notice due the Covid-19"Renovated bunkhouse in the village centre of Gsteig. Three spacious rooms which can also be rented individually for families or small groups. Two large inviting lounges and one dini...

Tel. +41 33 748 82 75
Tubegrabe-Stafel Turbachstrasse 159, 3781 Turbach
today closed
Tubegrabe-Stafel 1
The Alpine farmer chalet has been converted into a holiday house in a quiet mountain valley. It is ideal for nature loving families and small groups.FacilitiesSleeping bag required, shared shower and toilet, terrace, parking spa...

Tel. +41 33 744 40 89   Mobile +41 78 899 17 13
Vista Resort Hostel Saanenstrasse 15, 3770 Zweisimmen
today closed
Vista Resort Hostel
The Vista Resort Hostel is the ideal holiday resort for recuperation or for active hoildays in all seasons.FacilitiesBed linen provided, dormitories with bunk beds, some double rooms with shower/toilet, other double rooms as wel...

Tel. +41 33 729 80 80