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Alp Beust Rübeldorfstrasse 102, 3792 Saanen
today closed
Alp Beust
The Alp Beust, 1585 metres height, above Chalberhöni in Saanen, the guests spend the night in a simple room and on simple beds. Well rested thanks to the mountains fresh air, the farmer’s breakfast it’s even better. The mountain pasture is opened fro...

Tel. +41 33 744 62 18
Alp Turnels Bissenstrasse 35, 3780 Gstaad
today closed
Turnels aussen
Alp Turnels takes place at 1900 meters height in the “washbasin” of Turnelsbachertals. The guests spend the night on mattresses in the hayloft over the cowshed. The fresh alpine air wakes the appetite for a substantial "Älplerzmorge" (alpine break...

Tel. +41 79 635 96 87
Alphüttli Feutersoey Gschwändstrasse 36, 3784 Feutersoey
today closed
There is a small Alpine hut for rental on a weekly basis in Feutersoey, 1,400 metres above sea level between Gstaad and Gsteig. For 2 to 4 persons (maybe more - additional accommodation in the barn barn on beds or on straw). Peace in the heart of na...

Tel. +41 33 755 11 10
Bauernhof Badebnithof Bellerivestrasse 32, 3780 Gstaad
today closed
Meals Breakfast Type of accommodation Bed & Breakfast, sleeping on straw Offer - B&B on a farm - bathroom on the first floor Languages spoken - German - French - English

Tel. +41 33 744 67 66   Mobile +41 79 262 91 86
Berggasthaus Stierenberg Seebergstrasse, 3770 Zweisimmen
today closed
Located in a beautiful mountain scenery near the lake "Seebergsee". With countless circular hikes. The restaurant is situated in walking distance of one hour from the parking Meienberg.FacilitiesSleeping bag required, pillows an...

Tel. +41 33 684 12 69
Cabane de la Videmanette 1659 Rougemont
today closed
Cabane de la Videmanette 1
The Cabane de La Videmanette is the starting point for the Rüebli Via Ferrata, the launch site for paragliding flights, and the point of departure for tourers eager to ski down the pristine slopes of powdery snow.MealsSelf-catering...

Tel. +41 26 924 78 56   Mobile +41 79 428 08 28
Cabane de Prarochet 1965 Savièse
today closed
Prarochet aussen
The hut once located in an icy mountain setting now stands in a white limestone landscape alternating limestone grooves with rocky rounded hills. An abundant fauna and flora can be observed on the way from the Sanetsch or the Tsanfleuron Glacier. Me...

Tel. +41 27 395 27 27   Mobile +41 79 327 61 45
Cabane des Audannes SAC 3785 Gsteig
today closed
Cabane des Audannes SAC 1
This mountain hut is a popular starting point for tours in both summer and winter. It connects the Valais with the Bernese Oberland. Meals Breakfast, Half board Type of accommodation SAC and alpine huts Offer - Simple meals - Water or snow all ye...

Tel. +41 27 398 45 50   Mobile +41 78 898 21 18
Cabane des Diablerets SAC 3785 Gsteig
today closed
Diablerets SAC
The Cabane des Diablerets is located in the Glacier 3000 glacier skiing and mountaineering region, offering hikers, tourers and day trippers a comfortable place to stay. The breathtaking views are best enjoyed with a cup of coffee and a slice of cake...

Tel. +41 24 492 21 02   Mobile +41 78 666 62 41
Club de Pierredar, 2300m u.M. Ch. Vers le Bay 10, 1865 Les Diablerets
today closed
Refuge Pierredar - 2300 m.
The Pierredarhütte is located on a plateau in the heart of the spectacular Diablerets Massif. In summer it can be accessed by the via ferrata as well as the mountain trail. In winter the refuge doors are open for tourers. The exposed slopes should al...

Tel. +41 79 127 56 67
Ferien auf dem Bauernhof Annen Dorfstrasse 25, 3782 Lauenen
today closed
Chalet Wildhorn aussen
Welcome to the cosy and sunny 4.5 room apartment (100 sqm) on the 1st floor of the Chalet Wildhorn. The chalet is located in the centre of the picturesque mountain village Lauenen. Nevertheless it is quiet, sourrounded by green space and just next...

Tel. +41 33 765 33 10
Fromatthütte - SAC 3771 Blankenburg
today closed
The Fromatthütte is situated above Blankenburg in the wonderful nature reserve of Spilgerten. In summer it is the starting point for hikes and mountain bike and climbing tours as well as observations of the fauna and flora. In winter it is the starti...

Tel. +41 33 722 20 03   Mobile +41 79 334 41 34
Geltenhütte - SAC 3782 Lauenen
today closed
Geltenhütte - SAC 1
The Geltenhütte is located in the nature reserve of Gelten-Iffigen and is manned in spring and summer. It is the starting point for skiing, hiking and mountaineering tours, and is also ideal for families. Meals Breakfast, Half board, Full board, No...

Tel. +41 33 765 32 20
Grubenberghütte Grubenbergweg 4, 3792 Saanen
today closed
The Grubenberghütte is located amongst flowering alpine meadows and pastures beneath the limestone crags of the Gastlosen, high above the Saanenland. In the distance you can see from the majestic névé peaks of the Bernese Alps to the Diablerets Massi...

Wildhornhütte - SAC 3775 Lenk
today closed
The Wildhornhütte is located immediately below the Wildhorn in the nature reserve of Gelten Iffigen. It is a support base for the Diablerets – Kandersteg – Grimsel Haute Route hiking trail and for the Tour du Wildhorn. Numerous summits and passes can...

Tel. +41 33 733 23 82
Wildstrubelhütte - SAC 3775 Lenk
today closed
Wildstrubelhütte - SAC 1
The highest SAC hut in the western Bernese Oberland with views of the unspoilt landscape of Rawil and the glacier world of the Wildhorn is situated in a wonderful environment for mountaineers. It is also something of an insider's tip for ski tourers ...

Tel. +41 33 744 33 39