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Whether summer or winter – the destination Gstaad has exciting offers and experiences for people with disabilities throughout the year. Skiing is very popular in winter, while in summer hiking trails without barriers await guests. Families don’t miss out either. For example, with the STATION and Saani’s Adventure Trail, easily accessible family adventures are waiting for curious discoverers. For those who prefer it a bit more unusual, there are special mountain bike tours and paragliding flights. We put together the most useful information for a carefree stay.


Nature in the destination Gstaad is a wonderful place to relax. Electric tandem bike rides and walks make the outdoor experience especially enjoyable. We have put together some offers and a list of the wheelchair trails.


Wheelchair accessible hiking and walking trails

Trails suitable for prams, pushchair's and wheelchairs are paved or solid gravel paths with a minimum wheel clearance of 80 cm, ensuring that everyone is able to enjoy an unrestricted experience in our natural world.


A pleasant route along the River Saane. Highlights for children along the way include the petting zoo at the Alpenruhe Foundation, located half-way between Saanen and Gstaad. The entire route is paved. There are also plenty of bus stops should you decide to return by post bus.

  • Starting point: Saanen railway station
  • End point: Grund, Chlösterli bus stop
  • Hiking time: 2:00 h
  • Length: 7,5 km
  • Height difference: 70 m ascent
  • Restaurants along the route: Alpenruhe and Gstaad Sports Centre

A popular walk with lots of viewpoints for nature lovers of all ages. The road leading down from Gstaad is tarmacked throughout. This route offers wonderful views of the Saanenland and its mountainous backdrop.

  • Starting point: Schönried railway station
  • End point: Gstaad railway station
  • Hiking time: 01:10 h
  • Length: 2.5 km
  • Height difference: 180 m descent
  • Restaurants along the route: Restaurants in Schönried and in Gstaad

Follow the gravel path along the raging stream into the Turbach valley towards Wintermatte. An ideal route for anyone seeking peace and tranquillity. Possibility to return to Gstaad or Turbach by bus (Bus stop Rotengraben). See timetable!

  • Starting point: Turbach Post Office bus stop
  • End point: Wintermatte
  • Hiking time: 1:00 h
  • Length: 4 km
  • Height difference: 70 m ascent
  • Restaurants along the route: Sunnestübli and Wintermatte

11 boards along this themed trail summarise the local history of the area from the 13th to the 19th century. This popular panoramic trail is suitable for wheelchairs, prams and pushchairs. To round off the hike, we would recommend visiting the Museum der Landschaft in Saanen.

Ideally take the bus to the starting point. From Turbach walk back to Gstaad via Scheidbach. At the Wasserngrat valley station, turn left forwards Schiibe, where you will enjoy a spectacular view of the Saanenland. The road is tarmacked throughout.

  • Starting point: Turbach Post Office bus stop
  • End point: Gstaad railway station
  • Hiking time: 2:30 h
  • Length: 9 km
  • Height difference: 330 m descent
  • Restaurants along the route: Sunnestübli Turbach and Restaurants in Gstaad

An ideal walk to enjoy the beauty of nature. The path leads along the valley floor, passing the large and small Simme rivers and is mostly tarmacked.

  • Starting point: Zweisimmen railway station
  • End point: Zweisimmen village centre
  • Hiking time: 1:30 h
  • Length: approx. 6 km
  • Height difference: 44 m ascent
  • Restaurants along the route: Restaurants in Zweisimmen, Restaurant Hüsy (Blankenburg)

Tours with the electric bike

Cycling with the support of a silent, environmentally-friendly electric motor is a special pleasure for the fitness-conscious, for whom enjoyment is more important than the effort expended. Even less passionate cycling enthusiasts can extend their sphere of activity in this way. Gstaad offers a fully equipped range and over 150 km of electric bike routes.


Feel the sun on your face and breathe in the cold, clear air. Many winter sports such as skiing, skating and snowshoeing are possible with specially trained guides.


Ski and Snowboard Schools for adaptive, assisted and disablet Winter Sports

Suitable for kids at the age of 3 and adults who want to learn a snow sport or improve their skills. The ski school is happy to welcome everyone including those with Down’s Syndrome, Learning Disabilities, Physical needs and those who are wheelchair users for the sit-ski.

Tel. +41 33 744 18 65

Blind and visually impaired skiing a speciality and the ski school can also teach and guide many other types of disabilities and special needs.  They do not have any specialist sit-ski equipment.
Our friendly staff provides you the tools and opportunity to build your skills in a safe and fun environment. You enjoy the peaceful low-key atmosphere and the promise of adventure will make...
Contact:  Andreas Aellen for more information on blind and visually impaired skiing

Tel. +41 33 744 36 65

Privat have a number of qualified instructors and guides for blind and visually impaired skiers of all ages. They also have instructors for other needs but do not have specialist sit-ski equipment.

Tel. +41 33 744 96 44

For blind or visually impaired visitors then there is the opportunity to learn or progress your snow-boarding skills. 

Pure Snowboard Shop
Postfach 304 / Umfahrungstrasse 11
3780 Gstaad / Schweiz
Tel. +41 (0)33 744 75 70

Lifts and cable cars

Wheelchairs or ski-bobs can be transported on the following lifts and cable cars:

(wheelchair-accessible gondola, restaurant, terrace and disabled toilet)

  • Glacier 3000
  • Rougemont - La Videmanette gondola
  • Saanenmöser - Saanerslochgrat gondola

Ice Sports

Outdoor Ice Rink (located in the centre of the village)
The ice rink is accessible for wheelchair users who are able to be on the ice using a ‘glider’ which fits onto their chair. There is also a great café Charly’s which is wheelchair accessible and looks out over the ice rink

Indoor Curling in the Sports Centre
Located on the edge of the village within an easy walk of hotels and shops, this offers an alternative activity in the way of curling. For visitors in a wheelchair the entry for the skating rink is free.

More information:

Snowshoe Hiking

The Destination Gstaad with its gently rolling landscape is ideal for snowshoe tours. The young and old alike will enjoy the easy or challenging routes through the unspoilt natural surroundings. 

Cross-country Skiing

The Destination Gstaad is one of the top cross-country ski areas in Switzerland. The facilities in the various areas cover all levels of difficulty. Both traditional cross-country skiers and skating enthusiasts will find exactly what they are looking for here.

Activities for all the year

We put together ideas for your next trip to the destination Gstaad. Regardless of what time of the year you come, you can, for example, go on a horse-drawn carriage ride, swim in the indoor pool at the Hallenbad Gstaad or enjoy a dog sled ride on the Glacier 3000.


Carriage rides

Riding through the beautiful unspoiled countryside in a horse-drawn carriage or sleigh is one of the romantic highlights of any stay in the Destination Gstaad.

Dog-sleigh trips

Greenland dogs and Siberian Huskies love nothing more than a hard day's work. The sheer joy they have in exercise, snow and in life within the pack creates the dynamics for an unforgettable experience of a dog-sleigh trip.

Gstaad Indoor Pool

Gstaad indoor swimming pool is located in the Sports Centre and is centrally located. When swimming, guests can enjoy magnificent views of the surrounding mountainous scenery. So regardless of whether you're working out, doing Aqua Fit, just splashing around or having a sliding party on the small water chutes – you'll have a great time here!

  • Children's water chute
  • Pool: 25 m
  • 1-metre diving board
  • Other sports available in the Sports Centre: gym, tennis, badminton, sauna, mini-golf, beach volleyball field, solarium, massage


Children look for adventure and want to discover new things. The easy to access STATION gets kids really excited. The indoor pool at the Sportzentrum Gstaad is also accessible for everyone. Saani’s Sound Trail between Gstaad and Saanen is fun for the whole family.



The STATION is a place to learn and discover. In addition to the handicraft stations, lots of cranks and marble tracks, there are also spots to relax. The adventure workshop is suited for children between 4 and 14 years of age.

Saanis sound adventure trail

The theme trail all about the cheeky goat Saani leads from the Sportzentrum Gstaad to Saanen. This flat trail is suited for prams and wheelchairs and most posts are thus easily accessible. Different sounds accompany families on this exciting hike to the next village while appealing to the sense of hearing.


In the neighbouring Pays-d’Enhaut, Capdenho offers a variety of experiences for people with a disability people throughout the year – for example, an encounter with horses. Most of these offers are currently available in French.


Where can I park? Which taxis can easily transport wheelchairs? Answers to these questions can be found below.


  • Under-Gstaad car park
  • Ober-Gstaad car park
  • Coop car park (1 space)
  • Gstaad railway station (2 spaces)
  • Gstaad Sports Centre
  • Saanen car park (2 spaces)
  • Parking village centre Saanen


  • Parking Unter-Gstaad
  • Parking Ober-Gstaad
  • Coop
  • Railway station
  • Sports centre


  • Parking
  • Railway station


  • Parking
  • Railway station


  • Railway station


  • Center


  • Parking Geltenhorn


  • Sanetsch
  • Tourist office


  • Rinderberg
  • Railway station

Reichenbach Transporte owns buses, with enaugh space to transport people in wheelchairs.