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Ski pass pricing system Winter 2021/22

BDG will be continuing the dynamic pricing system in winter 2021/22 in cooperation with Ticketcorner. Ski pass prices are based on various factors such as advance booking times and seasonality, similar to the system used by airlines and, more recently, by other ski resorts.

For example, a day pass – as compared with the previous fixed price of CHF 65 – will cost up to 25 percent less and a maximum of 19 percent more, depending on the time of booking and other factors. This means that from next winter the price for a day pass will range between CHF 49 and CHF 77.

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Ski Day Rating with Skiline

Visitors to the Skiwelt Gstaad can statistically rate their individual experiences on the slopes every day in a number of ways with the free Skiline service. All visitors need is personal registration using their ski pass or key card number. Individual facilities may experience delays of up to two days with data transfer.

Register at: www.skiline.cc