Round-trip tickets

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Round-trip tickets

For the most beautiful round-trips in the Destination Gstaad, tickets are available that include necessary means of transport. Enjoy careless and nice hikes.

The round-trip-tickets are - depending on the trip - available at the point of sales of the Bergbahnen Destination Gstaad, at the MOB trainstations and in the postal cars. Tariffs may be subject to corrections. The round-trips are also walkable in the opposite direction.

Glacier 3000

Moderately difficult mountain tour

In spring and autumn it is advisable to check snow conditions. Glacier 3000 (Col du Pillon): Tel. +41 24 492 33 77 (Infoline: Tel. +41 848 00 30 00)

Route Gsteig - Col du Pillon - Glacier 3000 - Sanetsch - Gsteig
Adults CHF 76.20
Children CHF 39.60
Half-fare travelcard CHF 42.60
Tickets in the PostBus and at the Sanetsch valley station
Description round trip
Postbus Gsteig - Col du Pillon (Recommended starting point)
Cable car Col du Pillon - Cabane - Scex Rouge
Hike Scex Rouge - Sanetsch, Bergstation (duration: ca. 5:00)
Cable car Sanetsch, upper station - Sanetsch, valley station (Information, application groups: Tel. +41 58 477 85 75 /
Hike Sanetsch, valley station - Gsteig (duration: ca. 0:30)


Route A Wispile valley station - Wispile - Gsteig - Wispile valley station
Adults CHF 38.-
Children CHF 19.-
Half-fare travelcard CHF 19.-
Tickets Wispile valley station
Description round trip
Cable car Wispile valley station - Wispile
Hike Wispile - Chrine - Gsteig (Duration: ca. 2:30)
Postbus Gsteig - Wispile valley station
Route B Gstaad Bahnhof - Wispile - Lauenensee - Gstaad Bahnhof
Adults CHF 48.-
Children CHF 24.-
Half-fare travelcard CHF 24.-
Tickets BDG-Desk Wispile and in the PostBus
Description round trip
Postbus Gstaad trainstation - Wispile valley station
Cable car Wispile valley station - Wispile
Hike Wispile - Chrine - Lauenensee (Duration: ca. 3:00)
Postbus Lauenensee - Gstaad trainstation


Route Zweisimmen - Rinderberg - Alp Wistätt - Leiterli - Lenk - Zweisimmen
Adults CHF 59.40
Children CHF 30.20
Half-fare travelcard CHF 36.20
Tickets BDG-Desk Rinderberg
Description round trip
Cable car Zweisimmen - Rinderberg
Hike Rinderberg - Alp Wistätt - Leiterli (Duration: ca. 6:00)
Cable car Betelberg - Lenk
Train Lenk - Zweisimmen

Rinderberg / Horneggli

This ticket is also available in Château-d'Oex, Gstaad, Zweisimmen or Lenk. The prices are different, depending on the place of departure.

Route Schönried - Horneggli - Rinderberg - Zweisimmen - Schönried
Adults CHF 56.20
Children CHF 28.20
Half-fare travelcard CHF 28.20
Tickets BDG-Desks Rinderberg and Horneggli, Tourist Office Schönried, Trainstation
Description round trip
Cable car Schönried-Horneggli
Hike Horneggli - Hornberg - Rinderberg (Duration: ca. 2:30 Std.)
Cable car Rinderberg - Zweisimmen
Option: Hike Rinderberg - Zweisimmen (Duration: ca. 1:30 Std.)
Train Zweisimmen - Schönried