Round-trip tickets

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Round-trip tickets

For the most beautiful round-trips in the Destination Gstaad, round-trip tickets are available, in which all the necessary means of transport are included. Enjoy careless and nice hikes.

The round-trip-tickets are - depending on the trip - available at the point of sales of the Bergbahnen Destination Gstaad, at the MOB trainstations and in the postal cars. Tariffs may be subject to corrections.

More informations about the round-trips are available in our hiking map.

Glacier 3000

Route Gsteig - Col du Pillon - Glacier 3000 - Sanetsch - Gsteig
Adults CHF 76.20
Children CHF 39.60
Half-fare travelcard CHF 42.60


Route Gstaad Bahnhof - Wispile - Gsteig - Gstaad Bahnhof
Adults CHF 38.-
Children CHF 19.-
Half-fare travelcard CHF 19.-
Route Gstaad Bahnhof - Wispile - Lauenensee - Gstaad Bahnhof
Adults CHF 48.-
Children CHF 24.-
Half-fare travelcard CHF 24.-


Route Zweisimmen - Rinderberg - Alp Wistätt - Leiterli - Lenk - Zweisimmen
Adults CHF 59.40
Children CHF 30.20
Half-fare travelcard CHF 36.20

Rinderberg / Horneggli

Route Schönried - Zweisimmen - Rinderberg - Horneggli - Schönried
Adults CHF 56.20
Children CHF 28.20
Half-fare travelcard CHF 28.20
GA travelcard CHF 26.50

This ticket is also available in Château-d'Oex, Saanen, Gstaad, Zweisimmen or Lenk. The prices are different, depending on the place of departure.

La Videmanette

Route Rougemont - La Videmanette - L'Etivaz-Poste - Château-d'Oex - Rougemont
Adults CHF 43.20
Children CHF 21.60
Half-fare travelcard CHF 21.60

This ticket is only available at MOB trainstations.