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Ski highlights & snow parks

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The winter sports region Gstaad offers freestylers thrilling slope-style action in its three snow parks, with a park to suit every level, from beginners to professional riders.


Playground Snowpark Gstaad

Gstaad Snow Park is located on the Hornberg in Saanenmöser in the largest area of the winter sports region Gstaad. It offers freestyle fun for everyone from beginners to advanced freestylers with three areas offering varying levels of difficulty.

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WildSide by Snowpark Playground

Freestylers can now test their skills when using the 10 new elements located around the Snowpark Playground. These include wall rides, a pyramid and logs with which to practice new tricks. The wooden structures blend in perfectly with their surroundings and the landscape. This fun facility is enhanced by also having a children’s slope on which even the youngest can have a good time.

Snowpark Glacier 3000

The Glacier 3000 Snow Park is located in the Bernese Oberland's only glacier ski region. It opens end of October and is a perfect training ground for professional riders. Its many different elements are spread over four lines. The "Big Mama" is a giant jump, which is sure to set any freestyler's pulse racing.

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The Snow Parks at a Glance

Gstaad Snow Park Glacier 3000 Snow Park
Location Hornberg, Saanenmöser Glacier 3000
Elements Various lines with a total length of 420 metres with 27 different elements:

  • 16 jumps of different shapes and sizes
  • 3 m wall ride spine
  • 4 different tubes for advanced riders
  • 8 m down rail
  • 3 attractive butter boxes for beginners
  • 9 m curved box
  • 11 m flat/down box for advanced riders
Line XL
  • Kickers
  • Big Hip
  • Big Jump
Line L
  • Kickers
  • Table butter
Line Jibe M
  • Rainbow
  • Curve
  • Down flat down
  • Box flat gap down
  • Box flat
  • Rail flat
  • Flat box beginners
  • Flat top beginners
  • Rail flat beginners
Line S
  • Kickers
  • Whoops line
Opening times

8.45 - 16.30

9.00 - 16.30


Swiss Freeski Tour

Highlight Slopes

Tiger Run – the steepest Slope

The Wasserngrat near Gstaad provides the fastest superlative in the ski area of Gstaad: the 2.5 km long black section of the Tiger Run is considered the steepest ski slope in the holiday region.

La Videmanette – The longest slopes for you to enjoy

The longest slope in the ski area of Gstaad, which stretches for 10 kilometres, starts on Mt. La Videmanette. Winter sports enthusiasts complete an enjoyable decent of 1,160 m down to the valley. The Buvette de Rubloz and the bar in the valley station are the perfect places to enjoy some refreshments or a meal and recharge your batteries on the way. The trail leads through varied terrain and offers nice transitional points. Thanks to the sections marked in red and blue, even less experienced athletes can face up to this challenge.

Mike-von-Grünigen Run – the Slope of the World Champion

On this 3,100 m long slope on Horneggli in Schönried, snow sports enthusiasts will find everything which helped Mike von Grünigen repeatedly cross the finish line in perfect time thanks to his brilliant giant slalom technique.Transitions into steep escarpments, compressions, jumps and waves make for perfect snow carving conditions. Good skiers can perform their full repertoire on a descent of 555 metres.

Sound Piste – create your very own blend of Alpine authenticity on the snow

The Sound Piste between the Saanerslochgrat middle station and valley station makes for even more fun when you are out skiing. Using such items as milk churns and cowbells, you are free to produce any sound you like. Although these are not typical musical instruments, they provide you with a direct link to the lifestyle and farming work carried out on the mountain. Skiers of all ages can create a variety of sounds here by means of ski poles, snowballs, shaking and moving the elements and hence can freely express themselves musically.

Glacier slope with cross-border experience

Right across the Röschtigraben (supposed cultural divide between the German and French-speaking parts of Switzerland) fun in the snow at a high altitude is offered by the longest descent (8.6 km) in the glacier ski area of Glacier 3000. The slope starts in the Canton of Vaud and continues via the Canton of Valais to the Canton of Bern. Once you reach the summit of Mt. Olden, it is well worth taking a breather. After an impressive descent of 1,137 metres you will reach the Oldenalp with a snow bar. If there is enough snow, it is possible to complete the descent from Oldenegg to Reusch.

BMW xDrive Skimovie

Permanent timed giant slalom race course and competition on the Saanerslochgrat. Two cameras record your run. Known as the "BMW xDrive Cup", this skimovie run combines the joy of winter sports with the opportunity of winning attractive prizes. Anyone tan take part.

  • Location: Saanerslochgrat, Saanenmöser

How to take part:

Opening times

Rinderberg Ronda ski safari: experience circular tour around three mountains and valleys

Skiers explore three mountains and valleys on the Rinderberg Ronda ski safari without having to use the same run or lift twice. Winter sports enthusiasts will need around two hours for the tour – providing the tour is not enlarged by stop-offs at one or more of the many mountain restaurants and ski bars on the route. There are four possible starting points for the tour: St. Stephan, Zweisimmen, Saanenmöser and Schönried.