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Mountaineering & Climbing

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The Destination Gstaad offers a wealth of climbing routes in first-class regions from Zweisimmen to the Pays d'Enhaut. Suitable for elite athletes as well as families and beginners.

Safety Information

  • Pre-requisites for embarking on a via ferrata: a good level of fitness, sure-footedness, a good head for heights and climbing experience. Climbing with a mountain guide is recommended.
  • Only climb in good weather
  • Descend from the wall in the event of a sudden change in weather or the risk of a thunderstorm.
  • Proper equipment
  • Beware of loose rocks – danger of falling rocks!
  • Climb at your own risk. No liability can be accepted. All individuals are responsible for their own insurance cover.

Degrees of difficulty SAC

Advice & Information

  • Respect flora and fauna
  • Take all litter with you
  • Report any damage immediately
  • Lift and cable car operating hours
  • SAC Oldenhorn
  • SAC Wildhorn

Climbing Regions

Regions Exposure Rock Degree of difficulty
Gastlosen South Limestone 4 – 7
Sanetsch South Limestone 2 – 6
Sanetsch-Cabane-Prarochet South Limestone 3 – 7
Col du Pillon Noth Limestone 5 – 6
Cabane des Diablerets North Limestone 4 – 6
Hornfluh West Limestone 4 – 7
Gummfluh South Limestone 4 – 6c
Oldenegg North Limestone 5 – 7

Official Scales

There are different official scales in mountaineering. The SAC publishing house generally uses the French scale (6a, 6b, 6c etc.) for sport climbing and only uses the UIAA scale (I, II, III etc.) in Alpine terrain.