On familiar terms with the cows

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"Yes, our cows and our Alps belong together, as, after all, the breed originated in our region", according to farmer Mani Raaflaub, who sends his Simmentalers up the alp each summer – just as his father and grandfather did before him. As a farmer, Mani does not own an alp himself, but grazes it as a partner in an Alpine cooperative that has some 130 "cow rights". These cows are robust, horned and produce a lot of milk. And this is why the red-brown Simmental cows are at home, not only in the Gstaad Alps but in countries on all continents. There are about 50 million Simmental cows worldwide.

Accommodation tip

Those who would like to experience life on an alp can also stay with the herdsmen.

  • On the Beust Alp above Chalberhöni in Saanen. Reservations Tel. 033 744 62 18.
  • Or on the Turnels Alp above Turbach, Reservations Tel. 033 744 49 17.
Turnels Alp (1,887 metres above sea level)
Turnels Alp (1,887 metres above sea level)


The region has a further 9 chalet villages alongside Gstaad, located at an altitude of between 1,000 and 1,400 metres. Yet despite its style and class, Gstaad has remained genuinely Alpine and down-to-earth. It is proud of its tradition and lives and breathes it every day.

Over a thousand cultural and sporting events are available to visitors every year, including top events with an international reputation. In addition, visitors will find first-class hotels, outstanding shopping facilities along the traffic-free promenade and an airport in Saanen.


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